Fever Parties



We hold friendly and select swinging parties for young and attractive couples and single women in and around London.

Swingers come to us from all over the world for glamorous couples, adventurous single girls, upmarket venues and the unique vibe that captivates everyone and guarantees sizzling scenes.

House parties:

We take an amazing venue, start the party with a champagne reception and run a free bar all night. We furnish several luxurious playrooms and in one of them you’ll our signature Big Bed.

Night Clubs:

At Club Nights we take over a bar, throw in a DJ and hold a special, sexy and upbeat night out. You buy your own drinks, the venue is usually central in London and the door price is inexpensive.  We improvise a fullscale playroom with a Big Bed and the action is every bit as torrid as at our Houseparties.

If you are a sexy and attractive couple or single woman under 40, you can apply to join us at Fever Parties in the future. We need to approve your photo and then you’ll pay online through a secure site.

Address: Various, London, UK

Phone: 07580 754289

email: fever@feverparties.com



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