How To Role Play Your Sexual Fantasies.


How To Role Play Your Sexual Fantasies.

Role-playing your sexual fantasies opens a new world of sexual possibilities.

Some fantasies are best left as fantasies, not every fantasy has to be acted out, could be you aren’t ready or you don’t know where to start. This is why role-playing is so great it gives you a chance to imagine a situation without the stress or threat.

Anything is possible when you role-play a fantasy; you feel safe, test the waters and stretch your imagination. Here are five steps to introducing role-play into your life:

  1. What is fantasy role play

Fantasy role-play is when you immerse deep into another character, which will release you from the restrictions you put on yourself in your daily life. You can take more risks and go places you dare not as you are out of character, you become the dirty cop, the naughty nurse or the strict mistress. A little preparation and the difference in your bedroom fun will be huge.

  1. Role-playing requires some planning.

Most people are a bit timid when they first start. Look at getting uniforms, to dress up as someone else and to play the role to actually be in character. Accordingly, prepare for the role you are going to play, it’s like foreplay. Have a few lines in your head prepared and where you are going to be. Are you going to be in the bedroom, in the dinning or are you going to a hotel?

The more you prepare and rehearse the more you get out of your role-play fantasy.

  1. Consider the following.

These points are important to any role-play but most important is that you be creative.

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What’s your scenario?
  • How can you dress it up?
  • What are the boundaries?

Add your own to the list.

  1. Pick a fantasy you both are comfortable with

Teacher, Nurse, Businessman, Mistress, Cop, there are so many to pick from.

To start pick a character you can role-play easily and you feel comfortable with.

It’s only a fantasy so just have fun with it.

  1. Free from the chuckles

Fantasy role-play can free you from the chuckles and the restrictions of your daily doings. Don’t leave any detail out; shying away will also kill a lot of the sexual heat and spontaneity. Details can take you deeper into a sexual role play scenario.

Acting out a fantasy can and should be part of your relationship, as it will create strength and excitement in your relationship. Role-playing challenges your boundaries and introduces new dimension in your sex life. It is also a safe manner of exploring a fantasy you want to re-enact in reality.


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