Advice/tips on toys for suspected embedded clitoris?

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      aqiang9292 on #8151

      So, for years I was like “of course dudes can’t find them clitoris, I can’t even find my own clitoris!”

      Then, a bit later, I was like “oh my God, why don’t I have a clitoris!?”

      Then, after I actually had some good sex (way too close, possibly into, my thirties), I realised I do have a clitoris, but I’ve never been able to see it – not after a good sex session, or even by myself in front of a mirror…I know it’s there, I can feel that thing throbbing away, but it’s very shy.

      Anyhow, even more recently, I discovered I probably have an embedded clitoris. Again, a sigh of relief, that I’m not a total freak of nature.

      However, now I know where it is, and how to make it feel good, I’m in the market for new sex toys. The main issue here is…. I’m so long out of practise I don’t even know what turns me on anymore. Thanks pandemic.

      So. Whilst I know every person, and indeed, every clitoris is different, I’d be interested to hear from any of you embedded-clitoris-havers on what sex toys you might suggest for some good clitoral stimulation. I think I get off mostly on clitoral stimulation when I’m by myself, but I spent years using penetrative tools so I don’t even know.

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