First time using toy while being fucked, ended up squirting… twice.

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      aqiang9292 on #8148

      My (23f) boyfriend (24m) and I have had a rocky sex life for the past couple months, he’s been ill for the last while and his sex drive plummeted, it dropped to having sex once every month if we were lucky. He’s been given new medication and now we’re back to 3 times a week, it’s been magical. While we were going threw the bad patch he bought me a handful of toys including my vibrator – tonight we ended up having sex and started on our sides which ended in him rolling me into doggy, he was fucking me so good I was biting the pillow, he opened my drawer and took out my vibrator and told me to use it and HOLY FUCK!

      He was pulling my hair and gripping my hips, I couldn’t breath from being fucked so hard. My toy was working wonders… he pulled my hair back hard that it sent a tingle down my spine I ended up squirting all over his cock and thighs. He continued to fuck me while telling me not to move my toy from my clit, my legs were shaking and I was barely able to hold myself up when he smacked my ass and made me squirt again. I usually am only able to orgasm when he’s on top and he’s rubbing against my clit, he’s also only made me squirt a couple times before but never twice in one night.

      He’s told me he wants to start trying my other toys now too which is such a big step in our sex life. Least this is a nice new memory in my wank bank for my alone time too.

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