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      • Maya Fuller
        Maya Fuller on #2883

        Ladies, does it turn you on to think of another male joining in & seducing you in front of your partner?

        This is not cuckolding fantasy, partner can join in at any stage.

      • cofflvr
        cofflvr on #4632

        I’m the male in our Mmf threesome. we’ve only had one, a number of years back. it worked out for us, I know it doesn’t for everyone. we all were in bed, I had to push her hand onto his cock to get it started and when he put it in her it was so thrilling and erotic. now she loves the idea. we are 50 plus now and very sexual couple. we can’t find a private party in this age group, 40 to 60 and I know there are some very sexy people out there in this age group. so we are thinking about hosting a private party. please let me know via PM if interested in being notified.

      • Inactive
        Anonymous on #6529


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