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      How to talk to your partner about kinky sex

      It’s normal to feel scared about revealing your kinky desires to your partner. The fear of rejection and being judged are two factors that often stop people from being honest about them. But failure to disclose them can mean you’re missing out on a lot of fun and pleasure. Worse yet, it may result in sexual dissatisfaction. Difficulties in relationships often begin when we try to repress desires, rather than express them healthily.

      The world is full of couples who have some fundamental incompatibility when it comes to sex. Seriously, it’s not the end of the world if your partner doesn’t share the same kinks as you. You might be delightfully surprised that they have their share of kinks they also want to share with you.

      Even if your partner is not into any kinks, but is open-minded, caring, and understanding, they’ll be excited to hear you talk about your kinky desires and happy to find ways to keep you sexually fulfilled.

      Communication is a pillar of relationships. Good communication creates room for trying new things. Want to tell your partner that sex is great, but you really need some kink from time to time to truly feel fulfilled?  We’ve compiled 4 tips on how to help you share your kink with your partner, be it double penetration, spankinggangbang, bondage or swinging.

      1. Start small & get talking 


      Start a conversation about desires, not only is this an excellent way to learn about your partner’s needs and desires but it will open the doors of communication for you to talk about yours.

      When bringing up what you’re into, try to bring up one kink at a time. Also, ask how your partner feel about it each step of the way. You don’t want them to feel like you’re “demanding” them to comply with a certain sexual fantasy of yours, and you don’t want them to feel pressured either. Remember, consent is sexy!

      Don’t expect your partner to play your kink straight away. Give them time to adjust and play with one concept before you start telling them about another. This is a great way to open your partner’s eyes to new sexual possibilities.

      2. Come equipped with resources

      Many people are open to the idea of kink but simply don’t know where to start, or how to do it safely. Your partner needs some guidance to play that kink perfectly. They might not even know what you’re talking about. The internet is full of good information once you do a little digging. This resource may be in the form of a tweet thread, an article, or a random Tumblr post. If you search hard enough, you can find what you’re looking for. It’s not enough to introduce the kink to your partner but you also need to make them understand it and see how it can be a turn-on.

      3. Know your kinks


      via GIPHY

      Knowing more about your kinks makes it easier to address kink with a partner, or simply to ask for what you want. This is exactly why it’s not helpful to tell your partner you’re into pain if you can’t further explain what it is about pain that turns you on, what kind of aftercare you need, how you like to use a safe-word, etc.

      4. Be confident

      It can be hard but try not to be embarrassed about whatever it is you’re into. Almost everyone is into some kink. Be clear and confident about what you’re trying to express. In an ideal world, you disclose your spanking kink to your partner and they say “hell yeah”, and you’re enjoying impact play (spanking, paddling, hitting, flogging, etc.) straight after you talk about it. In reality, things can take a bit of time. Give your partner enough time to get familiar with the kink you want to try, let them feel more comfortable on how to go about it and only then try it out.

      via GIPHY

      Hopefully, your partner will be on board to have sex with you in all ways. Still, your partner may not warm to the idea of your kink and give you a respectful “no” when you disclose your kink. That’s ok and maybe a little disappointing. But remember that your partner isn’t obligated to try out anything you’re asking for. It doesn’t mean, however,  you can’t both compromise or find pleasure in other ways! There is also a chance that your partner is simply unfamiliar with the kink you want to try and is feeling a bit unsure of how to go about it.

      Even if your partner doesn’t share your kinks, there are always ways to have a rewarding and fulfilling sex life, through swinging and meeting other couples who share the same kinks.

      We all have different sexual desires and just because someone doesn’t share your kink doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or anything to be ashamed of.

      Ultimately, no matter where this conversation goes, it will be well worth it. Whatever the outcome, remember that it’s okay to prioritise your sexual needs. There is no better feeling than being with someone who accepts you for you and your kinks and prioritises your sexual pleasure.

      Do you have a kink you crave to explore? Have you met your ultimate kinky partner and want to share advice for anyone looking to do the same? Let us know in the comments below.

      Featured photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

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      Jade Fox on · in reply to: How to talk to your partner about kinky sex #7924

      How to choose Sexy Lingerie For Any Body Shape

      When it comes to women’s bodies, there are many shapes and sizes, that make each woman beautifully and unique. Lingerie is designed to flatter the female figure. A great piece, or set of lingerie, highlights woman’s feminity and makes her feel beautiful, sexy, confident and a true vixen. How do you choose sexy lingerie for any body shape?

      Whether you’re planning to wear your new lingerie to an adult party or show it off to that hottie, there’s something sexy out there for your body type. Treat yourself to a silky, lacy or bare-there lingerie to put a sexy spring into your step. What follows is examples of lingerie that flatters certain body shapes. Celebrate what you got and show it off.

      Matching set

      Matching set

      Source: photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash
      As the name suggests, a matching set incorporates matching your bra and panties. This flirty approach to lingerie suits all body types as it draws attention to the body and ensemble as a whole, rather than focusing on one specific feature.

      Garter Belt

      Lingerie -Garter belt

      source: photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

      Also known as a suspender belt, this seductive piece wraps around the waist. It features hanging clips which attach to stockings or knee-high socks. Showcase your sexy legs in a pair of suggestive stockings attached to a garter for the ultimate provocative look. This lingerie is great for hourglass shaped women who want to emphasise their waistline, it also places focus on the legs.




      A corset sits below a woman’s chest and extends down to the hips. Enhance your womanly curves with boning that accentuates your waist and pushes up your cleavage for a jaw-dropping effect. There are a few designs around, see which looks better on you.



      source: photo by Ann Danilina on Unsplash
       Similar to the corset, the bustier accentuates and compliments an hourglass shape. The tight-fitting piece works to push up the bust while shaping the waist to create a sexy hourglass shape. The bustier is great for smaller chested women with an hourglass or rectangle body shape. Enhance your womanly curves with boning that accentuates your waist and pushes your cleavage for an impressive display.



      source: photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash
       This lingerie is similar to a one-piece swimsuit, the teddy is a playful piece that suits any body type. With cheeky cut-out panels can reveal your irresistibly smooth skin and tempt and tease your bed buddy. It can be made of lace, leather, mesh or other fabrics, cuts and styles. This lingerie flatters any figure, particularly, it looks stunning on inverted-triangle shaped women as it balances wide shoulders and elongates the body.

      Body Suits

      Body Suits

      source: beautyseduction

      This one-piece is a sexy number, also known as bodystocking, generally is lacey and it highly complimentary on women with a rectangle and inverted triangle figures. Gorgeously feminine and thoroughly flirty, this is a great number when you’re feeling bold.

      When picking out your lingerie you need to decide what you want to accentuate. Do you want to accentuate your natural shape or balance out your proportions or divert focus to one of your body features? Be playful and have fun with it. You can look sexy in lingerie regardless of your body type. Being aware of your body type is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

      Main photo: Unsplash

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      Boobs are awesome, awesome to look at, to feel and suck. Sucking on nipples can lead to orgasms – nipple orgasms. Yep, you read that right. Nipple orgasms are a real thing.

      While clitoral and vaginal orgasms might get all the attention, nipple orgasms are another legit way to explore your pleasure in bed.

      Boobs, of course, are an area of the female anatomy that many men (and women) enjoy stimulating during foreplay. Yet, most lovers often are unaware of their orgasmic potential.

      There are many different kinds of orgasms that you can experience through the stimulation of different parts of your body.

      Each one creates different kinds of feelings, ranging from quick to short, localised to deep, and concentrated to full-body orgasms.

      Nipples too can invoke wickedly erotic orgasms. It’s not a total surprise since the breasts have a high concentration of nerve endings and are well-known erogenous zones.

      When your nipples are stimulated, they shoot off sparks in the genital sensory cortex. This is the same area of the brain that’s aroused by vaginal or clitoral stimulation. What this means is that women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way. It’s no surprise then that many women are aroused by having their nipples and breasts touched, and that for some, may lead to an orgasm.

      Orgasms are ultimately controlled by our brains. And if you’re closed-minded, you’re killing the tools that make orgasms possible and, by extension, nipple orgasms.
      So, if you want to try it, start by asking your partner if they get turned on by having her boobs played with.

      If the answer is yes, follow these directions for female nipple stimulation:

      For a nipple orgasm, you’ll want to start by lightly touching the outside, underside, and top of the breast and areola (but not the nipple!).


      Gradually work your way toward the nipple, paying attention to your partner’s breath and response. Depending on how sensitive they are, you may need to vary how hard or lightly you squeeze, pinch, or massage ( we are all different).


      As they get more aroused, try some light pinching of the nipple to help it get hard. Once aroused, you’ll be able to pinch, suck, and play a little harder now that they are fully aroused. Mix it up and hopefully, it’ll lead to a big O.


      Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques, find out what makes them feel good, and just have fun!

      Just as breasts come in all shapes, sizes and colours, women’s preferences during breast play will differ. Some women may love having their nipples twisted or bitten while others might find this painful.

      Have fun. Remember, getting to know your body is the key to better orgasms.

      Have you ever achieved orgasm through nipple stimulation? Do you have any tips for people wanting to experiment more with nipple play?

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      World record orgy in Las Vegas

      Hundreds of people are gathering in the City of Sin on Saturday, June 2, 2018. It’s no ordinary gathering. They are gathering to compete for a Guinness World Record of the biggest orgy in history. It’s going to be held at the Erotic Heritage Museum. Oh yeah, you read it right, they are holding the world record orgy in Las Vegas.

      The Sin City 8 event will include one weekend of different themes, contests, and parties, that are all centred around one activity – SEX.

      One of Sin City 8’s main events will be to break Japan’s record of having the largest orgy to date. Japan currently holds the record after 500 people engaged in group sex on May 4, 2006.

      This event is organised by ManageLife. Currently, it has 1,000 people confirmed and expects over 600 people to show up and participate in the erotic play. It seems they are set to be the new record holders of the biggest orgy in the world.

      The list of amenities set to be provided includes 22 queen size beds, yoga mats, over 2,000 condoms, lube, baby wipes, tissues, towels, bottled water, breath fresheners, and more!

      You must have a partner to be part of this orgy. You can play just with your partner, or with whomever you want, providing there is established mutual consent.

      Anyone worried about foul play taking place, organisers have it covered. It’s reported that multiple “orgy monitors” and even an “orgy concierge” will be on deck to make sure that all participants are comfortable and consensual. Anyone breaking any rules will be immediately kicked out.

      Masquerade masks will be provided to conceal participant’ identities.

      The world record attempt is presented by Menage Life and will be hosted by Playboy stars, Holli and Michael.

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      You heard of swingers resorts and cruises, but now we have an S&M hotel for kinky couples. A Ukraine hotel entitled Cherry Twins has just opened its doors to kinky couples holidaying or wanting a night of kink away from home. S&M hotel for kinky couples opens in Ukraine and kinksters all over the world are locking in this new destination.

      A Ukrainian boutique allows couples to check into S&M inspired rooms and encourages their guests to explore their kinky side. This kinky hotel boasts seven themed rooms. You can choose to stay in the  Queen’s Boudoir, Arabesque Harem, Medical Room, Classroom, Domination Room, Gothic Room or the Torture Room.

      Some of the rooms are equipped with sex toys and equipment. Paddles and spankers are available for visitors. More important, rooms are kept clean and are sterilised between visits for everyone’s pleasurable stay.

      S&M Hotel For Kinky Couples Opens In Ukraine- S&M surgical roomA surgical chair and bed restraints are provided in this room above.

      There is a red room which reiterates 50 Shades trilogy, as seen below.

      S&M Hotel For Kinky Couples Opens In Ukraine- red wall and furniture with wooden floorsTo keep things running smooth, the owners of the hotel have a few guidelines:

      You must be over the age of 21 with a valid photo ID. Guests may be asked to leave if they appear to be drunk. And decidedly, soliciting sex services inside the hotel is strictly prohibited.

      feature image: Pinterest

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      Asking for consent without ruining the mood

      How can you ask for enthusiastic consent without ruining the mood of what was going to be a night of fun? It’s a tricky one, but one that can be navigated quite easily once you know how to go about it.

      Before we show you how asking for consent will not dampen the mood, for those who haven’t heard of the term enthusiastic consent here’s a definition:

      Enthusiastic consent basically means that you don’t have sex or engage in any particular sexual activity with someone unless that person has given you an enthusiastic, unambiguous, verbally expressed “yes.” Furthermore, get a yes to each new level of sexual activity. Moving from kissing to groping there’s a need to ask before just moving on. It sounds like a mood killer and not much spontaneity, and perhaps you’re right.

      No one like the idea of interrupted passion with questions like; ” Is my hand ok in your leg like that?” or ” Is it ok if I were to kiss you?”

      But consent is a big thing and there is a sexy way men and women can ask for consent or check that you’re still on the same page as things heat up.

      1. Bluntly ask beforehand

      Asking for consent without ruining the mood

      Get the ‘yes’ and talk it out before you struggle with the bedsheets. You definitely don’t have to do it in a clinical manner. You do it in a flirty way over drinks. This is only the tip of the iceberg, because, if you hear them say they’re into anal, it doesn’t mean they are up for it that same night. You continue to ensure that you have consent when you’re on the other level of sexual activity. Which would be at your place or a hotel room where you are getting things started. Which leads to our next point…..

      2. Turn the consent dialogue into foreplay

      Asking for consent without ruining the mood

      Now that you got the green light and you both want to get naked, turn consent into foreplay. Use your soft, sexy whispers of heated passion into key questions like ” Can I take your top off, babe?” or ” Can I kiss you here or there?” In this manner, it’ sexy and it’s not stopping the flow.

       3. Talk Dirty

      Asking for consent without ruining the mood

      Let all your inhibitions go and use those sweet dirty words do the work for you and gauge their reaction with their answers.You can ask “Do you like it if I went down on you right now?” Dirty talking is sexy and is a super hot and sexy way to get consent and turn your love encounter super sexy affair.

      Throughout your lustful lovemaking ensure that you watch for body language. Although enthusiastic consent is verbal, it’s still important to watch each other’s body language. If you feel that something is not 100% pays to stop and ask. Afterall, you want this experience to be great for all.

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      5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep in the Buff

      If you haven’t set any new year’s resolutions, you’re going to love this easy and healthy resolution all of us can stick to. Making healthy lifestyle changes couldn’t be easier and sexier.

      Studies like this and many others, have proved that sleeping in the buff might boost your sex life, help you shed weight and is healthy for you. The benefits of sleeping au naturel are many. Here are at least 5 reasons why you should sleep in the buff:


      To fall asleep your body temperature needs to drop down and remain down for optimal sleep. Wearing clothes or PJ retains the heat, which is not good when you’re trying to get some solid shut-eye.


      A study published in the scientific journal Diabetes found that sleeping in a cool bedroom and keeping your body temperature relatively low activates brown fat in adults, which is a type of “good” fat that generates heat, burns calories, and keeps us warm and comfortable.

      There’s no easier way of shedding those extra pounds. Sleep naked and watch those extra unwanted pounds melt away.


      When you’re in bed with your squeeze naked, things are going to heat up real fast. Effortlessly, sleeping naked will get you in the mood for some loving and hence promote more love and happiness in a relationship.


      If you want to keep your sperm healthy gents, sleeping in the nude! It helps keep the temperature lower down the nether regions for healthy sperm production.

      Researchers from Stanford University found that men who wore loose boxers during the day and slept in the buff at night had a 25 % lower rate of damaged DNA in their sperm, relative to dudes who wore tight underwear throughout the day.

      Sleeping naked keeps your manhood nice and cool for a healthy sperm.


      Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” offers many health benefits. It prompts the body to heal and promotes physical well-being by lowering cortisol levels, regulating blood pressure, boosting your immune system, reducing pain, and reducing anxiety.

      In addition, this awesome hormone helps you sleep because of it, you feel relaxed, happy and tranquil.

      Go ahead and just ditch those Pj out because there are way too many good reasons to sleep in the buff that are beneficial to you.


      H/T: Maxim

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      There is this unspoken kink out there for a woman, something even more taboo than anal sex.

      You’ve heard of cuckold – a man who derives pleasure in watching his wife have sex with other men, but did you know there’s a female equivalent? Cuckquean the fantasy some women desire, but hesitant to admit sometimes.

      What is a cuckquean?

      A cuckquean is a woman who gets off watching her partner in bed with another woman.

      This sexual act requires a certain level of commitment between the two partners. As without an emotional connection and complete trust, this sexual fantasy would not work.

      This is especially true if it’s done in the full context of a fetish play and the cuckquean derives masochistic pleasure by looking at her partner have sex with another person. Without the complete trust and emotional connection, the humiliation does not occur at the same level.

      Do you like watching your man with someone else? Let the secret out and be a proud Cuckquean.

      Many women don’t realise they are into it until they accidentally discover it in the midst of a threesome or foursome. The moment they step back momentarily and look on at what is happening and realise they are very turned on by watching their partner enjoying themselves.

      There’s something very hot and sexy to watch your partner in action with another. It’s like porn, except it’s IRL. Before you know it you are lost in the performance and you can choose to watch or join in.

      What excites them? For some, it’s that double edge sword of jealousy, one part excitement and one part hurt. For others, it is the voyeuristic opportunity and the kink of getting off knowing your partner is having sex with another woman.

      The other aspect is that the woman gets a whole new perspective on the man she loves.

      Don’t judge yourself for your own desires. If you’re curious about it, then you talk to your partner about it. Let them know how you feel and see what their opinion is on it.

      Be open about your desires to your partner and if you both agree on it explore this fantasy. Otherwise, use this as stimuli in the bedroom.

      Have fun and enjoy this new experience.

      Do you think you have what it takes to be a cuckquean? Not really your scene? Either way, let us know in the comments section below.

      Gifs credit: Tumblr

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      10 Other Alternatives Solutions Instead of Viagra

      ED has affected many men throughout human history. To regain their prowess, men have resorted to some ingenious ways to fixing the problem. Because no man wants to hear these words being utter in the middle of passion; “Don’t worry it happens to everyone”.

      If your partner has experienced ED ( erectile dysfunction), chances are you have come across the little blue pill, Viagra. It promises to treat ED, but it comes with some side effects that can affect your health if you are not careful.

      In the video below entitled, ‘Top 10 Weird Alternative To Viagra”, Alltimes10s explains, the before, during, and post-Viagra. There have been many alternatives that promised to lift men up in their sexual performance.

      There have been injections of all sorts. Giles Skey Brindley in 1983, proved the penis injection to be effective after injecting himself with papaverine, resulting in a 30-hour erection.
      While some men turned to injections, others used bee stings as means to treat their sexual performance. Click on the video below to learn about the 10 alternatives to Viagra that work and don’t work.

      While we’ve already established that men have tried many different possibilities, a Botox injection is the next new thing, after going through clinical trials under the supervision of an institutional review board. And get this: Instead of lasting up to five measly hours, as men do on Viagra, Botox would work for months. One human, study of 12 men with ED who were nonresponsive to other treatments did show improved blood flow and reported better sexual functioning after two weeks, though. While it looks promising, it still isn’t ready yet.

      Would you take a needle to the dick if it would cure erectile dysfunction?


       H/T: Medical Daily

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      Find Out All About ‘Safe Call’

      Safe call is a term known to the kink scene and now in dating too. Its aim is to keep you safe when you’re out on your first meet up or hook up.

      The idea behind a safe call is that, before going on a date or a hookup, the person arranges to call a trusted friend at a specific time. If the person doesn’t call that trusted friend, the friend should assume something is wrong and notify the local police.

      Casual sex is great, but it’s even better when you know you are safe.

      Despite all the communication online and even via text or call, you still don’t really know the person you are going to meet for the first time. Whether you are a single girl or men and even a couple meeting someone new is worrying. In a couple’s situation could be that you are organising a group sex or an orgy and you just want to have fun and dispense of the worry.

      How do you minimise your risks when meeting someone for the first time then?

      Here we’ll take a look at safe calls, how they work and how you can make them work to help keep you safe when you’re meeting new people

      Always call, don’t text

      A call ensures that your friend can hear your voice and if they know you well detect any additional information you are not voicing out. When texting, it’s hard to tell whether it’s you or someone else texting. So always call your ‘safe friend’.

      What to say when calling

      Include information on your location and the person you are with, including their name, age, ethnicity and even their phone number for example. You can also add their social media profile links, most people are on social media, so it’s not hard to do a cursory background check on their behaviour on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and have your friend access it. If you haven’t seen your friend before you left to your date, tell them what you are wearing, the simplest way is to send a selfie. You could also ask your new date to have a selfie taken with you and forward that to your friend.

      Why do you need it?

      Safety is important regardless of gender or status, it’s unfortunate we have to worry but you wouldn’t have fun if you have a shred of doubt in the back of your mind. Not everyone is exactly what they say they are and if things were to go wrong you know that you have taken precautions.
      Managing expectations before you meet lessens the chances of an unpleasant encounter. Be clear on what you expect from your first meet. Also always meet somewhere public, meeting someone in public first isn’t just safer, it also gives you a better idea of who they are.

      Who can be your ‘safe call’?

      A good and responsible friend, who cares for your safety. This person needs to keep track of the time, check in on you and, if you don’t respond, this person needs to promptly call the police.’

      In case you don’t feel like telling your friends about your hookups, there are apps that can help you out. bsafe which is free, can discreetly alert friends and set up fake phone calls to help you make your exit. It can also start recording video footage of what’s happening, should you press the alarm.
      Emergensee, another app, meanwhile, sends your GPS location to three selected contacts in real-time, so they know exactly where you are. The app even has its own security team that will contact police and ensure you get help fast.

      What should the person (safe caller) do when you do not contact?

      Set a reminder on your phone to call your friend to tell them you are ok. This is a serious matter and you wouldn’t like to worry your friend for no reason. Worse yet, lose a good friend that is willing to do this for you.

      However, if you still haven’t called your friend and your friend hasn’t been able to reach you after a couple attempts, the accepted standard is that it should be taken to the authorities within 15 to 30 minutes of your missed safe call.

      Once you feel safe, have fun

      Now relax, take the time to do what you both set out to do. Have fun and enjoy each others’ company.

      Of course, the vast majority of people out there are actually decent honest folks, but clearly, it is still a good idea to take some basic steps to ensure your safety.

      Probably the most important piece of advice anyone can give you is that you should trust your instinct.

      Be safe, stay safe and have fun.

      Do you have any strategies that work and keep you feeling safe in your first-time meet ups? Share with us in the comments section below


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      This is why sex is better on holidays

      Sex is better on holidays and it’s not just in your imagination, there are various reasons why sex is better on holidays .

      There are some obvious reasons why  sex is better on holidays. Holidays tend boosts your mood due to a lack of responsibilities, and as a whole, just less stress. You are far from the pressures of your life and your mind lets go of those draining worries that is daily life.

      Science also has found out the top reasons why women in particular take more sex risks while on holiday and why holiday sex rocks. People on holidays are more prone to try out new things and to spend time indulging on their pleasures.

      However, beyond the obvious, a holiday gives a couple or people a chance to explore and to engage in new activities TOGETHER. This will increase sexual desire and sexual activity which will lead to sexual satisfaction.

      A staycation can also achieve the same results, the trick is to try new things in your locality. This novelty will increase your excitement, desire, and closeness as you experience new adventures together. It could be simply fondling in public, or getting naughty in a deserted beach, the novelty and the excitement will renew that initial spark in your relationship.

      Sex doesn’t have to be great only when you’re on holidays, it can be just as great if you stay home but explore new things together.

      Being together and trying new things and experiences is the secret to great sex.

      If you decide that you do want to go to a swingers resort or cruise, here is what you should pack.

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      5 top swinger hotels in Europe

      Swingers resorts, hotel takeover and swinging cruises are becoming more and more popular. As a matter of fact, swinging has become so much more mainstream over the past few years. Propelling an increase of lifestyle resorts around the world where you can participate in the swinger’s lifestyle.

      If you are going to Europe or live there, and  want an easy sex-capade or a naughty weekend look at these 5 top swinger hotels in Europe.

      1. La Mirage Swingers, Gran Canaria, Spain

       La Mirage Swingers, Gran Canaria, Spain

      La Mirage is the first Swinger complex in the Canary Island. La Mirage consists of 32 individual bungalows. Some of the rooms have connecting doors. It has a swimming pool, two whirl pools, pool bar and various game rooms for couples.

      At this adults-only, clothing-optional hotel, couples are also known to get intimate in public.

      2. Hotel Oz’Inn, France

      Hotel Oz’Inn, France

      This hotel is located just a few minutes away from the entrance of naturist holiday camp Cap d’Agde.

      With it being conveniently placed next to Cap D’Agde it inspires couples to explore their naughty side. The hotel includes a couples lounge, rainfall showers and themed evenings.

      3. Paradise Hotel, Blackpool, UK

      Paradise Hotel, Blackpool, UK

      Blackpool’s Paradise Hotel is currently owned by Sue and Keith Locke who have said the hotel is for “swingers” and “liberated adults”.

      Sue said the hotel has a wide range of guests ranging from high ranking society to your ordinary ‘Joe’ and they are fully booked nearly every week.

      The hotel – just yards from the famous Golden Mile – can sleep 16 couples at a time.Regular parties are held in the bar – with guests and visitors then heading to one of the “playrooms”

      There are three playrooms so there’s plenty of space and one is done up like a dungeon.The hotel caters for couples three weekends out of four – and holds a singles’ weekend once a month.

      4. Villa Atraides, Corfu, Greece


      If you’re not into full swap but more into soft swinging  or soft swap or even first time swingers this is the ideal place for you. Soft swap couples is where couples participate in sexual acts in the same room as each other but don’t actually swap sexual partners .

      Located on the idyllic island of Corfu, Greece this boutique hotel has four bedrooms and is clothing optional.

      5. The Toren, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      The Toren, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      This hotel has a lush, erotic and gloriously décor, it is housed in two 17th-century canal houses and boasts views of the Keizersgracht canal.

      While not explicitly advertised as a swingers hotel, the Toren you’ll likely find it listed in swinger forums.  It has been described by a visitor as “a gateway to uninhibited nudity, sex, culture, museums, more sex and amazing dance clubs.” It really goes with being in Amsterdam – the land of the free spirited sexual population.

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      Hot Instagram Babes Teaching Random Facts

      Learning random facts or trivia can come in handy at times, like during those awkward silences during a conversation.

      Often facts, no matter how trivial, prove to be difficult to retain but this Instagram with hot babes teaching random facts  have the answer to learning – and we’re not complaining.

      Somewhere in the scientific world there is proof learning rates increases when accompanied with seductive pictures of young women. Maybe not, but we know that motivation to learn when information is presented with beautiful women does certainly increase. Motivation is an important factor in any learning, right?

      Check out this educational Instagram called Facts and Chicks, where you can learn amazing information:

      Tag a cat owner! . . . #facts #factsandchicks #chicks #cats #animals #health #heart

      A photo posted by factsandchicks.com (@factsandchicks) on


      poof. . . . #facts #factsandchicks #chicks #jellyfish #water #science A photo posted by factsandchicks.com (@factsandchicks) on

      An Apple a day… . . . #facts #factsandchicks #chicks #apple #coffee #morning

      A photo posted by factsandchicks.com (@factsandchicks) on

      I have a pen, I have pineapple… . #facts #factsandchicks #chicks #fruit #food #lol #pineapple #pineapplepen A photo posted by factsandchicks.com (@factsandchicks) on

      Learning has become so much easier, couple knowledge with beauty and you could have a whole population educated and highly motivated to drink in random facts.

      photo credit: Instagram factsandchicks

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      What are the Pros and Cons of swinging? A short list

      When you decide to swing, you don’t necessarily have this neatly ordered list of pros and cons. Realistically, they will materialise as you and your partner dip your toes into the lifestyle and start to slowly explore new possibilities within the relationship.

      What are the Pros and Cons of swinging? A short list…..

      This list of pros and cons of swinging will indirectly answer the question – Why do people or couples swing?

      Here are some pros and cons you might go through or have already gone through:

      Let’s start with the pros….

      Pros of Swinging

      1.Opens communication lines between the two of you

      A strong and honest relationship is capable of addressing any topic, especially sexual desire and fantasies. To afford such honest and open relationship is truly a great quality of love. Being able to discuss your desires in a non-judgemental manner will deepen you bond and strengthen your relationship.

      2. Will help you explore and discover the many facets of your and your partner’s sexuality.

      Experiencing sex with different people will give you an insight into your and your partner’s sexuality. It will make you experience sex, emotions and sensations in its many forms and varieties.

      3. Will strengthen your relationship

      Swinging will reinforce your already strong relationship. Being able to free yourself from societal shackles and not to conform to its expectations will liberate your relationship and move you to a place of new experiences.

      Swingers will experience a deeper bonding through the experience of allowing themselves to share themselves with others.

      4. Will force you to confront your fears

      You will inevitable confront your biggest fears because becoming a swinger is leaving yourself vulnerable. However, as bad ad it might sound, it is actually a good thing. Hiding your fears will only stack them away and never deal with them. When you become a swinger you are forced to deal with these fears together and find a place where you both are comfortable and happy, lessening the resentment later in years.

      5.  Will help you achieve “Compersion”

      Jealousy, a powerful feeling mostly fed from insecurities and lack of communication, is a reality that many couples need to understand and deal with.

      The most important lesson is that jealousy is a totally normal feeling to have. Learning to deal with it will make your connection stronger.

      Identify first why you’re feeling jealous. What are its the roots and triggers. Once you identified them you can stop them from taking control. Most importantly, keep communicating with each other.

      However, bursts of jealous rage, or any other unacceptable behaviour in front of other people who are not at fault is not acceptable.

      How do you achieve compression? It’s a gradual process, with lots of honest and open communication with your partner. You will achieve it through time and lots of talk and it will bring you many happy and interesting possibilities.

       Cons of Swinging

      We would be lying if we were to bluntly ignore some of the downsides of swinging. They do exist and for many of them are only due to poor communication and sometimes over zealousness. Anything new can and will at times take too much of your time, as we all know balance is the key to happiness.

      1. Will have to Keep swinging a secret

      Many swingers choose to keep their swinging lifestyle a secret. Unfortunately, society still scrutinises swinger’s choice of lifestyle.

      However, in recent times mainstream society has come to accept that people find happiness in many different types of relationships – polyamorous, and same sex relationships – challenging their views on relationships. Coming to the understanding relationships can work even if they do not conform to the traditional views.

      2. Some couples will fight and disagree

      Agreeing to swing is not a one sided affair, both partners need to agree this is something both want to do and feel will benefit their relationship.

      However, you will encounter occasionally, the naïve couple who agreed to swinging to keep the other happy. This will inevitably lead to fights and disagreements, because boundaries haven’t been discussed and one partner’s fears and insecurities will be inflamed causing fights and disagreements.

      Couples who aren’t in agreement or have great issues with jealousy should not venture into swinging until the point they have openly discussed their what and why they want to be part of the lifestyle. Furthermore, swinging is not for everyone.

      3. Play partners sometimes takes time to find

      Just because you have decided to become swingers, it doesn’t mean you will instantly find play partners. You need to find a couple that is compatible with the both of you, whom you both feel attracted to and has similar rules and interests.

      It takes a bit of work, sometimes, to get the right match, but other times it just happens. If you are at a swinger’s club, go with the flow and enjoy your swinger’s night out and the very least enjoy each other in a open atmosphere.

      4. Swinging can be time costly

      As we mentioned before, trying to find or meet another couple that is looking for what you are and has similar boundaries takes time and effort. Juggling career, family, kids and swinging can be demanding but worth all the effort and time if the experience you’ve had was amazing and fostered a deeper bond between the two of you

      5. Insecurities will surface

      We all have insecurities and fears that will be exacerbated in the swinging lifestyle. Fear that maybe our partner will leave us, enjoy sex a bit better with someone else, someone is prettier or more handsome that you, or even younger, these are only natural feelings.

      However, they need to be addressed and that is why it’s important to have a talk after each experience you have had. It might be to state how wonderful it was, or how it made you feel and even to re-evaluate your boundaries


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      Want to be happy? Strip off and go naked

      Stripping off and going naked may be the key to happiness and well-being, research suggests.

      Yup, you heard us!

      You might think being naked surrounded by a group of total strangers would make you more self-conscious about your body.

      But it seems the opposite is true.

      This study, lead by Dr Keon West of Goldsmiths, University of London, suggests that taking part in nudist activities makes people much more satisfied with their bodies, and even their lives.

      It looks like the naturalists have been onto something and Dr. West seems to agree –  ‘The naturists have been saying this for some time

      Dr Keon West and colleagues asked 850 Brits to fill in an online survey, and found those who spend time naked were happier with their bodies, as he explain in the video below:


      Dr West, argues that although more research is needed, the findings show public nudity is beneficial for our well-being. He also added that naturism offers a way out from body dissatisfaction. In short, being naked around other people may actually increase your self-esteem.

      Definitely, a study worth investigating.

      One Instagram page  Getnakedaustralia from Down Under is making waves by encouraging everyone to ditch the threads and enjoy beautiful landscapes the way nature intended – butt naked!

      Now plan a day out at your local nudist beach, it’s good for your overall happiness, doctors orders.

      What are your thought on this new study? Leave your comments below.

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