What are the Pros and Cons of swinging?

There are a variety of good things associated with the swinging lifestyle. Many people find the thought of watching and sharing their partner with others or in front of others, highly arousing, as well as sexually freeing. To many it is a natural progression of a friendship in which the parties find each other mutually attractive. Swingers appreciate the open-mindedness and the positive attitudes towards sexual expression.

The opportunity to also experience other sides of sexuality, male/female bisexuality, as an example, is another draw of the lifestyle. And of course one cannot forget the SEX! It as well is a very important part of the lifestyle.

With the good there is also the bad. Swinging can help intensify feelings of insecurity or self esteem issues you have as well, especially if your first swinging experience doesn’t live up to your expectations. It can create feelings of jealousy in your partner, feelings that may surprise you.

Then there is the issue that perhaps swinging is somewhat discriminatory to single men and to big people as well. In the case of BBW, this is somewhat true, more so in the advertising than in the attitudes, I encountered it during my research for this FAQ. As for the single men, I believe it is but it a necessary evil in order to keep the integrity of lifestyle. The other reason is as was stated earlier, that attitudes towards male bisexuality are not as open as they are towards women. Then of course there is the pure survival instinct that a lot of these clubs have and lets face it guys, not all of you out there are honest and you are not above using people for your own gain, including lying to get into an organization. Hey it happens and most swinging clubs are aware that it does and have safeguards set up in the event it does. So if you think you can get involved in swinging with a “hired” date or a “ticket”, forget it! This behavior is unacceptable in any reputable swinging organization and will get you blacklisted. In all honesty if you try to do this you get what you deserve.