5 Other Non-Monogamous Relationships


5 Other Non-Monogamous Relationships

The mainstream media tends to focus on very specific type of non-monogamy – polyamory and open relationships mainly. However, there are 5 other non-monogamous relationships that tend to be ignored.

Whether you are happily in a monogamous relationship or are in a non-monogamy realtionship, you will probably learn something from these examples of how people create options to put feminist values at the core of their relationships and reject oppressive expectations.

Mainstream population is been shown that relationships can and do exist outside the constricted sociology construct that has been perpetuated for centuries.

JOAMETTE GIL, illustartor, cartoonist, curator and podcaster has created this comic below that is about different ways of doing non-monogamy that don’t always get a lot of talk time.

5 Other Non-Monogamous Relationships1

5 Other Non-Monogamous Relationships2

5 Other Non-Monogamous Relationships3

5 Other Non-Monogamous Relationships4


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