5 Reasons People Want Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships


5 Reasons People Want Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships

Non- monogamous refers to a relationship style that permits individuals to engage in physical, romantic, or sexual interactions with more than one person or be involved in multiple committed relationships.

Traditional notions of exclusive relationships are evolving, giving way to consensual non-monogamy (CNM), where couples mutually agree to the possibility of having multiple romantic or sexual partners. Despite being more prevalent than commonly thought, CNM relationships, including swinging and polyamory, often face stigma and misconceptions. A prevailing stereotype suggests that these relationships are solely focused on sexual opportunities, with the assumption that individuals turn to CNM due to relationship problems.

In reality, people are drawn to CNM for diverse reasons. These are the 5 reasons people want consensually non-monogamous relationships.

1. Autonomy

Couples seek the freedom to be their authentic selves without judgment, allowing for natural expressions of individuality.

2. Sexuality

CNM facilitates personal growth and exploration, recognizing that one partner may not fulfil all sexual and emotional needs. It provides avenues for exploring diverse sexual identities, kinks, and desires, enhancing overall satisfaction.

3. Community

CNM fosters the development of friendships, community building, and a sense of belonging. This connectivity strengthens relationships and supports psychological well-being by allowing partners to meet their needs with integrity.

4. Relationship Growth

CNM offers opportunities for personal and relational growth, allowing individuals to experience a variety of non-sexual and sexual activities without pressuring either partner. It deepens intimacy and connection.

5. Practical Approach

Opening up a relationship is seen as practical, especially when partners face challenges such as work or family demands. It allows both partners’ needs to be met, even in situations involving long-distance relationships or the exploration of shared fantasies.=

6. Broad Psychological Fulfillment

Beyond sex, CNM contributes to broader psychological fulfilment and the authenticity of self-expression. It also provides a platform for connecting with a like-minded community.

In essence, consensual non-monogamy encompasses more than just sexual exploration; it encompasses psychological fulfilment, self-expression, and the creation of supportive communities.

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