Unspoken Rules Of Sex


Unspoken Rules Of Sex

We all heard the rebellious saying: ‘ Rules are meant to be broken’. Well, not all the time.  At least when it comes to sex these 18 unspoken rules of sex should never be broken.

Here are a few examples.

  • If it’s a one night stand, and she says you don’t have to wear a condom, you should definitely wear a condom.
  • Never actually, say out loud to your significant other that your fantasy fuck is their best friend.
  • Another one to take note of is; never blow into the vagina, you can do a hell of a lot to a vagina but blowing into it is not one of them. It can be dangerous, and it is going to make you look like an amateur to say the least. Break these unspoken rules and suffer the consequences.
  • If you recently ate spicy foods, wash your hands! I’ve found that ladies do not appreciate a surprise spicy vagina.
  • Never make fun of someones orgasm face.
  • Reciprocate oral.

These are only a few. Reddit has a thread titled – ‘What are some of the unspoken sex rules?’ which lists some interesting ones. Definitely a good read when you have the time.

This video by Regoat This, discuss this very same topic that was featured on Reddit. Watch it below:

Do you agree with their unspoken rules of sex? Are there any other sex rules that you know about and everyone should know about them too? Please share with us.


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