Want to be happy? Strip off and go naked


Want to be happy? Strip off and go naked

Stripping off and going naked may be the key to happiness and well-being, research suggests.

Yup, you heard us!

You might think being naked surrounded by a group of total strangers would make you more self-conscious about your body.

But it seems the opposite is true.

This study, lead by Dr Keon West of Goldsmiths, University of London, suggests that taking part in nudist activities makes people much more satisfied with their bodies, and even their lives.

It looks like the naturalists have been onto something and Dr. West seems to agree –  ‘The naturists have been saying this for some time

Dr Keon West and colleagues asked 850 Brits to fill in an online survey, and found those who spend time naked were happier with their bodies, as he explain in the video below:

Dr West, argues that although more research is needed, the findings show public nudity is beneficial for our well-being. He also added that naturism offers a way out from body dissatisfaction. In short, being naked around other people may actually increase your self-esteem.

Definitely, a study worth investigating.

One Instagram page  Getnakedaustralia from Down Under is making waves by encouraging everyone to ditch the threads and enjoy beautiful landscapes the way nature intended – butt naked!

Now plan a day out at your local nudist beach, it’s good for your overall happiness, doctors orders.

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