How to have public sex without getting caught


How to have public sex without getting caught.

Sexologists and relationship coaches all over the world will all tell you that the secret to a successful long relationship is keeping it fresh and exciting. You have heard the expression “ variety is the spice of life!”.

Couples try to keep things interesting between them and some couples have panache for the risky sex. Risky sex is obviously not for everyone. You could get into some serious troubles if you are caught having sex in public. Resulting in maybe being arrested fired from your job or barred from an establishment to name a few. However, despite all that list of unpleasantness having sex in public is HOT, exciting and daring and can really spice your sex life. Sex experts claim that the endorphins boost that accompanies risk could lead to a more explosive orgasm.

So how do you go about it without being your sexy, naughty, public romping being caught on camera and being posted everywhere in the social media and the news?

We had the NZ couple from Christchurch whose public romp inside their insurance firm was caught on camera and shared around the world. Then we had the couple that had it on outside a dress store in California. Lesson to be learned here, we understand the thrill but next time don’t throw caution to the wind.

Below is an ultimate guideline to having sex in public.


At the front dress store, you must be insane or really bad at calculating your risk assessment as the couple in California obviously failed to do. They must’ve been ‘on heat’ and lost all common sense maybe – blame it on the hormones. Choose a less busy time of the day and enjoy your naughty romp without being caught.

The lady in this incident had some common sense as she left her skirt on which brings us to the next point.

2. Choose low-key dark coloured clothing.

Avoid bright, fluoro-clothing unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb. Inconspicuous is the name of the game.

3. Lose the underwear

Public sex is synonymous to wild and quick so ditching the undies makes a lot of sense, you must do anything you can to prevent wasting time.

4. All in the position

If you cannot do stand up position then rule out public sex from your bucket list.

5. Skip the foreplay

With public sex there’s only one base – third base. You can do all the warming up before the main event.

Be smart, plan your little adventure and keep your eyes open to intruders and just have fun.


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