Celebrate Me Time


 Celebrate Me Time

May is the month of masturbation, a time to celebrate me time. Frankly,we are hoping that you make time for some solo-play every day of the year and prioritise it like going to the gym.

Masturbation is one of the easiest and sexiest way to please yourself, an on-going journey of learning about your pleasure responses, self-exploration and of expanding your fantasies. In addition, there is mounting evidence that masturbation is good for you health.

Masturbating means you’re taking the time and energy to get more connected to your body and what makes you feel good. With that said here are a few tips on how you could improve your solo-play, don’t hesitate in sharing with us your best tips.

1. Set the scene:

Whether you like to play music,read erotica, sexting, put on a show on webcam if you are daring enough or bring out your favourite porn, do all it takes to get your mind in the right space.

2. Lube & more lube

Lube can make your masturbation feel even better. There are so many different varieties of lube out there, some that will create warmth others will create cooling sensation. Lube can add so much fun to your masturbation.

3. G-spot

Masturbation is the ideal way to find where your G-spot is. It’ll be fun for solo-play and when you are with your partner guide them to the right direction and your reward will be an intense and amazing orgasm.

4. Toys

Sex toys are popular and a favourite in many women’s bedrooms. Sex toys are  great for both solo play and partner play. Often it happens that there is a toy that becomes your favourite as it seems to hit the right spot straight away. Lube up your favourite toy and indulge in some me time.

Lots of people, both single and committed people are masturbating themselves to happier, healthier lives. Read more on why masturbation is good for you – 4 Reasons Why Masturbation Is The Best.

Masturbation is a topic clouded with a lot myths, two Canadian scientists have produced a video to dispel the rumors once and for all. Beating the meat and polishing the pearl are both good for you. Listen up to AsapSCIENCE

Masturbation is not only for singles, but also for women and men in relationships. When in a relationship, masturbating together doesn’t mean you always have to do it together. Don’t be offended at all if your partner would prefer to do solo from time to time. Masturbation is healthy and fun, but it can be important to also have moments to yourself, and respect that your partner’s appetites for sex may differ from yours.

Take the time to look after yourself, to learn about yourself, to really explore the amazing sexual human you really are. Our bodies and our minds are capable of so much, and the first step in any self growth and learning is to accept and love yourself for who and what you are.


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