This Month On The Sex News Stories Front


This Month On The Sex News Stories Front

This month on the sex news stories front, they have ranged from positive, high tech to outrageous. We’re certainly living in a golden era of sexual expression where the news is having a field day reporting on anything about sex. Let’s face it we’re red-blooded, sex-obsessed species and stop at nothing to try new things and improve on our sex experience.

What were these stories? There was Twerking Butt, hanging dildos in Portland, slut shaming, virtual reality porn and a new sex toy the ‘Donald Trump Butt Plug. Quite a collection!

Online Slut Shaming

Three horny human beings decided to have a threesome. Nothing wrong here, right? Until someone saw them, filmed them and posted their frolicking without their consent or knowledge on Reddit. Why should a threesome shock, or irate or even cause any uproar. Easy, to this day women are still big ole dirty sluts for doing what they want with their bodies. Really, we still have to suffer this kind of attitude in the 21rst century? However, nobody pays any attention to the men doing the same.

Predictably, Frulling, the lady involved in the threesome, suffered a public backlash and slut shaming online after the video was posted, one she didn’t deserve as she intended to keep it between three people. Furthermore, why so bile? A threesome is a fantasy that many of us have partaken in or fantasized about.

Alexis Frulling isn’t your common lass and she responded with a awesome video called ‘Trampede (the original), which has already had over one million views.

Her response is a step forward to women’s sexuality, specifically to women owning their sexuality. She didn’t hide in shame and hope it all went away. She stood up and made an unapologetic video saying: ‘I can’t say I’m proud about it but I’m not ashamed.’ This is the attitude more women need to adopt, a healthy and positive attitude to sex. Nobody has the right to humiliate, criticise or shame any woman on her decision about her sex life. Women should own their sexuality. Frulling, bravely asserted this by going online and telling her side of the story.

As an aftermath, Alexis Frulling, made her Facebook profile into an open fan page, she created a YouTube channel, and made a Twitter account. Now that is what it is called turning the tables. She tells and owns her narrative, stopping any intruding, out of line stranger or any other opinionated voice to relate it.

As with any kind of abuse, slut shaming needs to be stopped.

Twirking Butt

The ‘Assman‘ or ‘Buttman‘ is definitely a thing and to confirm erotic innovators at PornHub have come up with a new sex toy, Twerking Butt. Isn’t it amazing to be living in this era of technological advancements? Watch video below, at least it’s amusing but not entirely sure it’ll make for a great sex toy.


Driving and masturbating

WTF! Masturbating in public is a risky thing but some people think that they can get away with it especially while driving. Trying to get off with a rabbit vibrator while driving is point-blank dangerous. This is well laid out in a recent news item about a woman who was hard at it until she crashed. An unidentified woman crashed her Mini Cooper into a seafood delivery van with a rear camera that caught the woman’s indiscretion.

Luckily no one was hurt in the incident just a bruised ego. Lesson here is to not drive and pleasure yourself.

Dangling Dildos

Now what on earth is this all about? We’ve all seen shoes hanging off the power lines but dildos? What gives? Is this the new ‘Parisian Bridge of Lust’? Where did so many dildos come from? Maybe sometime later someone will tells us the story behind this new trend.

Donald Trump

Now here’s someone neither you nor I expected to make it in the sex news section. Donald Trump has a Butt Plug made in his honour as a result of his political bullshit rant about Mexicans immigrants. In protest  Mexican artist, Fernando Sosa, turned the Republican presidential candidate into a butt plug and called it “Donald Trump Butt Plug’. The resemblance is unmistakable, want proof? Take a look for yourself and meet Donald Trump Butt Plug.

Virtual Reality Porn

This device was crafted in the context of video and sports, but simmering away beneath the surface of course are pornographers busy trying to make our wildest fantasies come true by applying the same tech in porn. Virtual ‘sex-capades’ are just around the corner!

Pioneers in the area are the husband and wife duo named VirtualRealPorn, who founded the Spain-based company in January last year. Porn content will get to be more to real experience. Essentially the human brain is tricked into believing that the whole experience is real. This racy invention might start something we cannot fathom yet. This might open a can of worms in the realm of relationships and yet it might also enhance relationships by providing a safe means of experimenting with aspects of our sexuality that are otherwise daunting. The lines between reality and fantasy might become a bit blurred so in this respect there is reticence. Advancement is inevitable and we’ll have to resolve any unforeseeable problems. Humans are capable of adapting and through constant open and honest dialogue anything is possible.

Porn is a source of fun and some inspiration, not quite convinced? Watch this hilarious movie Life Without Porn. The cast of Guy Code play out how awful life would be without porn.

Since the dawn of the Internet and as technologies continue to evolve it allows people to realise fantasies that might be difficult and daunting in real life. We are going and living through the golden age of sexuality. As long as we commit to the idea of enjoyable, joyful, consenting and respectful sex we’re heading in the right direction.


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