Eat This to Smell Irresistible To Women


Eat This to Smell Irresistible To Women

Science is always coming up with interesting findings, and none better than the latest one. It has found that women like the smell of men who eat more vegetables and fewer carbs. Sorry fellas but that delicious plate of pasta bolognese may be tasty as hell but if you’re in to attract your next squeeze, lay off carbs.

A recent study, in the Journal of Evolution & Human Behaviour, found that the body odour of men who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables smelled better to women. Whereas the body odour of men who ate a lot of refined carbohydrates, like bread and pasta, was less alluring.

If you want to score in that dating scene put those veggies on your shopping list. We have known for a while now that odour is important to women, they have a sense of smell that rivals man’s best friend. Now jokes aside, from an evolutionary perspective lead researcher Ian Stephen of Macquarie University in Australia told NPR.

“scientists say our sweat can help signal our health status and could possibly play a role in helping to attract a mate,”

Stephen and his team mates came about this finding by recruiting healthy young men, having them exercise wearing a T-shirt, and then having a group of young women sniffing those T-shirts and ranking the odours that were more attractive to them. And the women in the study consistently found a plant-heavy diet resulted in better sweat.

It’s not all bad, this study also found that, in addition to vegetables, “fat, meat, egg, and tofu intake was associated with more pleasant smelling sweat.” Phew, you don’t have to become a rabbit.

Phew, you don’t have to become a rabbit.

However, following a healthy diet is always a good idea, it’ll benefit your dating game, your sex life and your longevity.

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