Are Your Insecurities Affecting Your Sex Life?


Are Your Insecurities Affecting Your Sex Life?

Accepting and loving our bodies the way they are, can be rough. Most of us think that certain parts of our physique need to be hidden.  Which builds insecurities, shame, shyness and a less than ideal sex life.

Are your insecurities affecting your sex life?

When you spend time worrying about the way you look, you’re less able to concentrate and enjoy other things. Like intimacy and sex, for example.

Having negative feelings about your body does not fare well with intimacy. It’s hard enough to open up to someone, it’s harder if you feel that certain parts of your physique need to be hidden.
Studies show that shame and anxiety about one’s body lead to the avoidance of physical closeness and reduced sexual satisfaction.
If you are too worried about how your body looks and how your partner thinks of it, you are not concentrating in enjoying yourself, his desires or be present in the moment.
Society and social media is always going to try and skew your perceptions and point of view in the wrong direction. The media is not a good place for comparison as the models do not represent the vast majority of women body shapes. Additionally, the photos are planned and not candid, so the end product is not even real because the models also look different in real life.

Body image is being challenged by a rapidly growing body-positive movement lead by incredible women world wide , including our own body positive model and 2016/17 Sexy Australian of the Year – Stefania Ferrario.

Let’s stop hating our bodies and start accepting and loving them. Appreciate your body, unapologetic love yourself, orgasm more, have unconditional sex, strengthen your relationship and be happier for it


Put a stop to that running negative body commentary in your mind; about what your partner thinks about your body or panicking when he touches parts of your body you’re uncomfortable with.  Do not let your body insecurities get the best of you in the bedroom and focus on becoming a better sex Goddess – small steps at a time.

Sex researchers noted that women who considered themselves “good in bed” had a much better body image than women who didn’t, even though they weighed the same.

In short; sexual competence creates body confidence. If you want to feel better about your body get better at sex and your partner will love you more for it.

There will be good days and there will be bad days, but if you continue to on the road to self-love it will pay off in the long run.

Your new gained confidence will change how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you.

Be yourself and rock what you have.

So here’s to embracing ourselves and the year ahead.

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