Best Bisexual Movies You Must Watch


Best Bisexual Movies You Must Watch

It’s really hard to almost impossible to find really good bisexual porn in the mainstream. What follows is a selection of a few of the best bisexual movies you must watch that are out there. They are bold at presenting bisexuality in all its entirety – where both men and women are seen enjoying each other without inhibitions.

Mainstream porn is full of threesomes and group scenes, generally with the man or men having sex with the woman or many women. With women having sex with each other, but never the men having sex with each other.

When it comes to male sexuality, men’s bisexuality is still taboo. The idea for men to desire to have sex with both and all genders is still not accepted by the mainstream.

Why is that?

Mainly because it’s perceived as un-masculine and centuries of bisexuality erasure have led people to this road of confusion and denial.

Before the month of Pride is over, we’ve rounded up the best films featuring bisexuality. They are only trailers of the movies and if that’s the kind of porn you are into – enjoy them with your partner free of guilt:

1. We know you’re watching, a movie about voyeurism and bisexuality, set in Brasil where the weather is hot and people strip off naked and leave their windows open for anyone to enjoy……

We know you’re watching

2. Pansexuals, a movie about people enjoying attraction regardless of gender. Letting go of inhibitions and societal norms. Where bisexuality is strongly at play between all sexes.


3. The Ultimate Kink: This FF queer couple is looking to have a kinky fantasy fulfilled. They want to explore and experience what it is like to be with a man….

The Ultimate Kink

These porn movies present the variety that human sexuality can present and feature bisexuality. Since bisexuality is so often misunderstood, these movies shade light into how much fun it all can be if only we let ourselves feel, explore and experience our sexualities dis-attached from preconceptions.

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