Going Down on Her Is Good For Your Health


Going Down on Her Is Good For Your Health

Now taking care of your health gents couldn’t get easier! Did you know that going down on her is good for your health?  If you like giving her head this explains why you haven’t had the sniffles in years,

New research finds that cunnilingus has many health benefits. Much like the mood improving chemicals in male semen which can be very beneficial for women’s health, going down on your ladylove has many health benefits for you.

Researchers at the State University of New York, found that going down on a girl, encourages her to produce hormones like oxytocin and DHEA. These hormones have been proven to have protective effects against disease such as a cancer and heart disease.

Also oxytocin and other endorphins encourage sleep and the study claims that these hormones can even relieve migraine headaches.

What is great news from this study, is that all these health benefits are there for the person performing the act too, experiencing what the scientists call the ‘ Helper’s High

Now this is a medical and health trend many of us could get into.


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