How do I meet swingers?

It is important to remember that Swinging is primarily a social activity, and meeting other swinging couples is no different than meeting couples for a drink or just conversation. The social traits that are key and highly appreciated by the swinging community are responsibility, friendliness, flirtatiousness, open-mindedness, and importantly stability in one’s primary relationship.

The best place to look for swingers is in your local Swingers site. You can find swinging sites or swingers Apps in most of the major search engines as well as the itunes App store and Google Play store.

Once you have met someone who can guide you, attend a few functions, most have dinners or coffees in order to meet prospective members or for prospective members to check them out. The level of involvement is up to you and when you feel comfortable.

Once you have experienced a little swinging but haven’t quite found a couple you clicked with, you could always try posting an ad in your local magazine or on a personals site on the internet. This is both rewarding and disappointing. You can meet some really wonderful people but you can also meet some pretty sleazy ones as well. Trust your instincts when you meet these people and if you do meet try and choose a place that is what I call neutral territory. If you at least meet the potential candidates for a quick coffee you won’t have to feel guilty if you don’t feel comfortable with them.