Introducing Sexual Fantasies, A Few Things To Consider


Introducing Sexual Fantasies, A Few Things To Consider.

We are sexual creatures and sexual fantasies can be a healthy and natural part of any relationship. Fantasies and experimentation can keep your sex life feeling fresh and exciting. Share your sexual fantasies openly with your partner and decide together which ones you want to act out and which remain fantasies only. When introducing sexual fantasies, a few things should be considered.

First - just make sure the sexual fantasy or behaviour doesn’t lead to emotional or physical discomfort for either partner, lead conflict in the relationship or problems in other areas of your life.

Second - give your partner time to process the new information and to grow into the fantasy.

Third – keep communication open and honest. A relationship that can talk about their sexuality openly without judgement  shows strength of love. Be flattered that your partner feels comfortable enough  to share his/hers sexual fantasies with you.When honestly speaking divulging you are not ready to reenact certain fantasies it is to be expected. You need to voice your sexual boundaries so it is crystal clear where you stand. Then work from there to fulfilling your fantasies one by one, remember you have a lifetime together and not everything has to happen right now.

Some favourite scenarios among many couples seem to be threesomes or watching their partner with someone else – voyeur or cuckold fantasy. At the mention of any of these or others, don’t freak out, listen to your partner and consider which one you would like to try or you could speak about your own fantasy you’ve wanted to fulfill.

Remember some fantasies will remain fantasies and others will be played out in reality. Sometimes over time what seemed first like an impossibility  becomes a reality, because one or both partners came to understand the reason for the fantasy or their desires have changed and matured.

Never forget that sexuality is fluid. Just because you or your partner don’t want to try something today doesn’t mean you won’t get a little more adventurous in the future.

It is important that couples respect each other’s limits and preferences and move at a pace that is sensual and not threatening.

In a relationship, no one should ever compromise their feelings for the other’s  fantasy. Period. You need to feel safe, secure, and respected in your sexual relationship.

For example a lot of couples have threesome fantasies, but few are emotionally capable of seeing their partner bump privates with someone else. Your husband might say he’s okay, but once you’re in the middle of things he might wish he’d never gone there.

To concede to any fantasy, whether it be a threesome or something else, because you worry that your partner might leave you if you do not fulfill their fantasy, you might want to re-evaluate how stable your relationship is.

If you both like the idea of your fantasy only then will it be a positive experience for both of you and maybe the third or fourth person.


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