4 Assumptions Swingers Know Are Lies


4 Assumptions Swingers Know Are Lies!

If you are a swinger you know that the following 4 assumptions surrounding swinging lifestyle are lies! If you, however, rely on hearsay you might come to think these four assumptions to be true.

The general population finds it hard to accept the rules and standards that swingers live by. They contradict the rules of marriage and monogamy that most live by. The purpose of this small write up is to dispel these assumptions by listing what swingers are not.

Swingers are NOT:

1. Promiscuous

Swinging is not synonymous to promiscuity, or sleeping around with every person you meet. It is also not a means of injecting more sex into a sexless relationship or saving a relationship from its ultimate end. Entirely the contrary, swinging is ideal for a secure and well-established relationship to progress into the next level. Swinger couples are very selective with whom they choose to play. They need to feel attracted to not one but two people and sometimes that can prove to be impossible. Swingers are respectful and value other couples boundaries and preferences.

2. Sex addicts

Although swingers love sex, are more adventurous and willing to try new things than their counterparts, they should not be labelled as sex addicts. They like to enhance their sex life with novelty and excitement. Swingers are not always on the prowl for the next couple. Certainly, there might be a few who could fit the description but in general, these are couples that only wish to occasionally add more excitement to their relationship, to keep the spark alive.

3. Indiscriminate

When a couple decides to swing they have discussed it and have decided on their reasons to do so. Just because a couple decides to swing, it does not mean they become less selective. Couples come to swinging with a very specific set of reasons; it might be they want to experience a threesome, or a bi-encounter or possibly a gangbang. Swinging couples know this and respect each other’s desires, boundaries, and wishes. So yes, swingers are very selective with whom they play, because it must be another couple or single person like-minded and who is looking to experience a side of their sexuality that is similar.

4. Old, fat and unattractive

The assumption here is that swingers tend to be people who are too ugly, fat and old to make it out there in the real world of dating or to enjoy a normal sexual relationship. Let’s be honest, yes, like at anywhere where there is a crowd, you are likely to find a range of people of different age, shape and levels of attractiveness. Swingers are of all walks of life, of different ages, socio-economical background, different levels of charm and sex appeal. Swingers are very much like the mix you get in any nightclub or bar, just that they are swingers.

Next time you go out you might be sitting, dancing or dinning next to a swinger, since what a swinger is, has no rigid definition. Swingers are anyone who has an adventurous side and is willing to explore outside the defined norm.


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