Fascination With Anal Sex


Fascination With Anal Sex

What is the fascination with anal sex?

Is it because it’s so taboo, that it makes it high on the list of top sexual fantasies. It’s probably the same reason why it is one of the most popular acts performed in the porn industry.  It also ranks number one on many men’s sex wish list. This taboo element makes anal ‘naughty’, more appealing, highly erotic and highly desirable in the bedroom.

When it comes to anal sex, there seems to be a lot of mixed feelings. There are those of us who love it. Those that want to have a go. Those who are a bit skeptical about it and last those that want to run a mile away at the drop of the subject.

Like anything else, anal sex no different, it’s about past experiences. Had you had the luck of finding an anal  ‘lover’ who was gentle and patient with you while showing the pleasures of anal sex, yes pleasures is the word intended, then you have found out that in time when you learn to relax and trust your lover you can find anal sex pleasurable.

We all like variety, something new and different will be especially appealing. Now here is a thought when trying to keep things fresh.

How do you get yours truly to go from ‘No f-ing way I’m doing that’ to ‘ Oh f-ing yeah, more please!’

Like this, seeing you didn’t scare her off at this point already, better luck next time if you did.

Spike Interest

‘Sometimes it’s not so much about the present but about the wrapping’. What is the relevance of this saying? Keep on reading…..

If you want your lady to get into anal sex you must spike her interest and tell her what she’s going to get out of it. She must believe that it is going to be a pleasurable and an orgasmic experience. You must make anal sex feel really good for her. As we all very well know, that first experience must be pleasurable or near mind blowing act, at least good enough for her to want to do it again. Without any frills, patience and selflessness and lots of lube are what you need. The upside, think about the rest of the times and how much fun you’ll be having.

Here are some steps that might help you bring your girlfriend to say ‘Oh yeah, baby let’s do it’: There are certain things you can do to ensure that your backdoor fun is the best it can be – pleasurable.

Take it easy!!

Start with foreplay and normal sex to warm her up.

The more aroused she is the more relaxed she’ll be and then reach out for some lube (lots of lube) and start maybe using your fingers or a toy to start.

Go slow

Easy boy, be patient! It’ll all be worth it in the end. Go slow. Start with missionary it is often the most comfortable when you’re first starting out, but doggy style can work too. Suggest she’ll pleasure herself to relax and increase her pleasure level.

Now carry on and have fun

Once you’re all warmed up, she will start to enjoy anal sex and even learn to love it.

According to the Australian Sex Census statistic, Australians definitely love anal sex with men scoring a 64% and women 77%.

Don’t be afraid to ask for it, experiment with it or just fantasize about it. Life is too short, have fun and experiment :)

What follows is a video with a good balance of humour but still delivering all the important points. If you have the time and a strong desire to know all there is about anal sex maybe you should watch it:



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