Are We Meant To Be Monogamous?


Are We Meant To Be Monogamous?

In a video with Mashable, Dr Roshini Raj used various studies to look closely at the question – Are we meant to be monogamous?

With open marriages and swinging lifestyle on the rise and no longer shocking, more couples are increasingly partaking in the popular lifestyle. Leading to more people wondering and questioning the validity of traditional monogamy.

Dr Raj begins by explaining that, from an evolutionary standpoint, females are built for monogamy, while males aren’t. This is what she says:

“From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s better for men to have many partners to spread their seed, but better for women to have one partner who will help her feed and provide for the child.”

What is it that makes some people inclined to be less monogamous than others? From a study, looking at rodents found that higher levels of a hormone called Vasopressin, which is linked to trust and empathy, correlated with higher levels with bonding and hence fidelity. This link was also seen in human females.

In addition to this, our society favours monogamy as it is easier for a child to grow up with two parents. From an economical, emotional and social standpoint, being in a monogamous relationship is EASIER. However, it’s natural for some people to have a bit of a wandering eye.  In Dr Raj’s words -“we might not be biologically programmed for it, for many of us it makes sense to be monogamous.”

It seems that some of us are wired to not be monogamous and prone to casual encounters and others are happily in a monogamous arrangement.

Watch the video that follows as Physician Dr Roshini Raj explores if human beings were built for monogamy. Watch her answer the question “Are humans built for monogamy?”

Men seem to belong to the non-monogamous group as half the women do too. To help monogamy, the happy hormone Oxycontin that promotes bonding incites your partner to want to be with you and stop the wondering eye…

At the end just do what makes you feel comfortable and happy, whether it’s monogamy or non-monogamy. Diversity is good, and we should all be able to love freely.


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