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Couples Oasis Society in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a Internet membership based Social Group for lifestyle couples. An organization for swinging couples, Couples Oasis Society is a "Virtual Reality Society." A lot of people become confused by this concept, "What the hell is a virtual reality society?" Simply put, Couples Oasis Society is an online club. Being an online club doesn't mean that we don't get together and party in real time, we do, every weekend. Because our parties are private affairs we don't have to let everyone in off the street. "Private party" means that we have the right to be selective about who attends. On premise, fun and friendly couples parties. We have over 5500 sq. ft. of party house, including indoor hot tub, outdoor solar heated pool, dance floor with stripper pole, DJ'd music, bar and lounge area, pool table, small buffet style food. Private rooms, group room and most of all, the friendliest people at any party you will find.


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