Traumland Club


Traumland Club

The couple club Dreamland offers interested people all a swinger club can offer for pleasure and comfort. Our fully air-conditioned club rooms each measuring 800 sq. are equipped with all possible comfort and elegance.

We offer: sauna chamber for 20 people, 12 different erotic or rest rooms, a bar 10 metres long, a large salon with a dining room with 30 seats, 20 hot and cold meals daily and 40 different kinds of drinks, and of course everything in any amount.

Dear swinger friends: We are of the opinion that no other swinger club can offer more than Dreamland – where you can get those offers for free!!! And now the most important thing for all members: the daily motto of dreamland is that everything is allowed and possible but nothing, absolutely nothing, is obligatory!

Have fun on our web-sites and see you next time at Dreamland!


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