Xmas Boobs Making Festivities Better


Xmas Boobs Making Festivities Better

How could we make this Christmas feel fresh and new, while still sticking to the theme of celebrating our bodies?

We have found the answer: Xmas Boobs making festivities better.

While we can’t guarantee that these are Santa-approved, they’re definitely Swingers Academy-approved, and that’s all you need, right?

These Xmas boobs are one way to guarantee a place on the naughty list.

This festive craze sees women decorate their boobs to look like reindeer on Instagram. Many covering their nipples with red diamante studs, red bows, pasties or tinsel before applying googly eyes and felt antlers. Let’s take a look:

I demand to know why this trend is called reindeer boob and not cariboob #reindeerboob A post shared by Jess (@epicfaul) on

ho. ho. ho. holiday 2017 #reindeerboob #merryxmas #thoseeyelashestho #tistheseason A post shared by Leah (@wicket14) on



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It’s definitely better than those ugly Christmas jumpers and surely sexier. It has our vote. Merry Christmas

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