History Of Sex Dolls


History Of Sex Dolls

A sex doll is a rubbery, blow-up thing that’s a bit, well, icky. Icky because it  conjures images of individuals who are not socially apt or introverts who have difficulty forming normal, healthy relationships with real women. Hence then buying a substitute in the form of a sex doll.

Maybe there is some truth to this but these life-sized lady-like love toys have a surprisingly practical history. Let’s get real, we are not as narrow minded as that to just look at anything, whether it is a sex toy or a sex doll, and pass judgement. As creative beings we use our imaginations and this is no different.

So let’s look at the history of sex dolls. They were first developed for sailors who were isolated on long voyages. Later, they distributed to German and Japanese troops to help reduce the spread of disease.

More recently, we have come to witness the creation of more life-like sex robot. They might all seem a bit creepy but don’t be too judgmental as many of us grew up with Barbie whose design might have been based on a German sex doll for soldiers.

Below is an infographic showing the short history of sex dolls:

historyofsex doll


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