How To Have An Open Relationship


How To Have An Open Relationship

Are you thinking of opening your relationship to new experience, but you just don’t know how to get started?

You’ve hinted at having an open relationship but haven’t really seriously talked about it. Following are 3 points to be used as a guide only as all relationships are different and unique. Use these as guidelines to get started and remember that no rules are set in stone always leave room for change and improvement.

  1. Talk about it

The most important thing before you just venture out into this brand-new world, talk to your partner. Find a time of the day that you both are free to discuss things with time where you can really think and chat about it. Explain why you think you want to try an open relationship, be clear and honest and listen to your partner attentively.

  1. Set rules and boundaries

The rules and boundaries vary immensely between couples, but no matter what your rules are of great importance. If you like you can make a list and write them down. Speak up and don’t hold back, you can only enjoy an open relationship when you are comfortable and don’t feel threatened.

Find what works for you as a couple, but here are some suggestions:

  • Always practice safe sex outside the relationship.
  • No sex with mutual friends.
  • Sexual encounters must not interfere with the couple’s customary or planned time together.
  • Sex is permissible only when one partner is out of town.
  • Outside sex is only allowed with advance agreement with one’s lover.
  • Outside sex is allowed only when both partners participate.
  • Outside sex is never permitted at home.
  • Sex is permitted at home, but not in the bedroom.
  1. Take it one step at a time.

Start out slow. Consider first bringing someone else into your bedroom before you both go out on your own. Either way, be sure to have a frank discussion about each experience before proceeding full-steam ahead. If it felt right and you’re ready to move forward, you can now do so with more confidence. But if something went awry, identify the root of the problem and work it out before moving on.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make changes

Have room for adjustment. Rules are not set in stone, they are there as a guideline and if you find as you evolve and become more comfortable you might want to change some rules or add more rules. Make adjustments that work best for your relationship. Be patient and respectful with each other and you will have fun.

Open relationships are about working together to make your partnership exactly what you want it to be. If you’re honest, communicate frequently and openly and use the tips above you’ll go far.


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