How sex cures anything from headache to heartbreak


How sex cures anything from headache to heartbreak

How often have you heard friends use the expression ‘you need to get laid’ as a solution to almost any problem. You broke up and are heartbroken, then you need to get laid. Our primal urges are spot on, as science shows getting it on has more benefits than just scoring. Sex is good for your over all health, there are so many health benefits of sex.


Next time you have a headache have some sex and orgasm. Research found that release of endorphins during sex acts as a natural painkiller on the central nervous system and lessen headaches.

Having trouble sleeping

Dr. Laura Bergman, says that aside from getting tired as a result of sexercise, your body releases oxytocin a chemical that helps you sleep.

Higher immunity

People who get it on twice a week have higher levels of antibody immunoglobin,a defender against viruses, than those who have sex less often.

Get better at sex

The only way to get better at sex is to have sex more often – practice makes perfect. Having more sex will also improve your libido.

Prostate health

Researchers at the National Cancer Institution found that men who have more orgasms reduce their risk of prostate cancer by a third. Masturbation works just as well.

Relieves stress

sex relieves stress. More sex means lower levels of stress hormone cortisol in the body, which means calmer and more relaxed person.

Cures boredom

Bore? reach out to your partner and start getting busy

Relieves pain

Apart from getting rid of headaches it also helps your pain threshold.Self stimulation has been shown to relive menstrual cramps.


There is absolutely no science here, just that when you are busy doing your body so much good your mind too gets busy and forgets about your heartbreak.


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