Let’s Talk About Squirting


Let’s Talk About Squirting

Are you a little wet behind the ears when it comes to squirting? Let’s talk about squirting! Just what is it and why do we think you need to know more?  It is sad that so many women are still missing out on this incredible orgasm.

Did you know that the majority of women have the ability to squirt, but very few are taking advantage of it? Sad, ain’t it. What woman wouldn’t like to experience a  body shaking powerful contractions and post orgasm euphoria that could last up to half an hour afterwards!!!!

There has been a lot of controversy about squirting; firsts it was but a  myth and then it was just piss. The fluid expelled when squirting is drained through the urethra, which is where it is forcefully expelled at the point of ejaculation and it is not urine. It has been proven to be an entirely different substance, and ejaculating it at the point of climax makes for an incredibly intense experience. The amount produced depends upon the individual; it can be as little as 2 teaspoons, but in some cases 2 cupfuls, really it’s no exaggeration.

How do you do it?

Find the  Skene’s gland which can only be stimulated through the G-spot, as it is situated directly above. Before we get carried away how to UberKinky has made an instructional infographic with some techniques on how to achieve a squirting orgasm. See the infographic below and have some fun.

Lets Talk About Squirting




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