Little Death, An Exploration Of Sexual Fantasies


Little Death, An Exploration Of Sexual Fantasies

This terrific feature film, by Australian writer/director and actor Josh Lawson, is a comedy revolving around sex. Not the usual graphic portrayal of sex but sex within relationships. This is a must see movie.

Little Death (from French ‘La petite Mort’ meaning orgasm) is quite unique as it explores intricate and intimate aspects of sexuality. It takes the viewers behind closed door to explore the sexual lives of five couples. Speaking on private fantasies, fetishes, taboos, and the importance of open communication.

All these couples share a point of commonality in the lengths they would go to, to fulfil their sexual desires and igniting passion, which in some cases, is hindered by their inability to be open with their partners.

What stops these couples from sharing their secret fantasies resonates true in the life of all couples. Many people fear being ridiculed and rejected and therefore opting to tolerate their unfulfilled sex lives. Inevitably leading to frustrated, unhappy relationships and at times breakups.

Little Death also challenges taboos and attitudes through laughs and farce and opens up discussion on the complexity of sex, relationships, and fetishes. Each couple has a secret fantasy that they like to explore and not just any old fantasies but some ground pushing kind.

These rank from foot fetishes, rape fantasy, to your not so garden-variety arousal through watching someone sleep (Somnophillia) or cry (Dacryphillia), phone sex and role-play as a way to rekindle the old flame.

Fetishes themselves aren’t bad things and most people shouldn’t be embarrassed of them, as a majority of us have them, with bondage, S&M, feet and role-play being amongst the popular ones. Heck, if you are into big boobs or big bottoms, then you would have a big boob or big bottom fetish which isn’t classed as bizarre at all.

When sex differs from societal norms, it becomes taboo. Taboos are created in society because of negative assumptions, lack of information and at times an inability to know where to get started and fear of ridicule, judgement and rejection. If all parties are comfortable it matters very little what exterior opinion dictate, as long as these fantasies and fetishes are consensual and help reignite the relationship then is worth exploring. As long as you’re all consenting adults, go at it.

It is a lucky and unusual couple who, years into a relationship, still feel the same passion for each other that ignited their early relationship. Far common is the story of the once exciting sex life that has waned as the years passed.

In addition, very few young people know their turn-ons and once they realise what turn-ons are they might already be in committed relationships. Our sexual interests evolve through time and so do our perception of intimacy.

Exploring fantasies, fetishes or kinks are a very natural and important part of human sexuality, to both personal grow, reconnecting and putting back the spark and desire in relationships. What appears confronting at first is very often a welcomed change. Too often both partners sense that there is a need for change but they just don’t know where to get started. Studies have found that sexual fantasies are more common than you think so if you thought of it your partner has probably thought of it too. You should really divulge your fantasies because chances are they might be thinking the same.

Not all couples are as lucky as we are, who live the lifestyle of swinging. We have a unique platform where we can explore our fantasies with our partners without fear of ridicule.

This movie at the bare minimum will certainly make you laugh and many of us smile secretly relating to the scenes acted out.

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Have you been in a situation where you realized you have a new fetish that turns you on but were too shy to share it with your partner? Share some of your experiences.


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