Science Behind Why Cuckolding Is Catching On.


Science Behind Why Cuckolding Is Catching On.

Cuckolding is catching on among people with high IQ who enjoy the psychological agony, science says.

Cuckoldry is defined as a wife’s infidelity. Writers such as Chaucer and Shakespeare, characterised cuckolding as the ultimate shame or humiliation. Today cuckolding is catching on and developing into a popular fetish. Husbands  are looking for other men who are larger, hotter, sexier than themselves to have sex with their wives while they watch.

This isn’t like your traditional swinging , and it’s most definitely not a threesome where all participants are equal involved. Cuckolded men only watch their wives with other men and they do not  and will never participate. This is exactly the turn-on – the biggest turn-on being when his wife wants the other guy all the time and more than him . The husband is left out, looking and watching and being made to witness his wife being brought to climax with a ‘better’, ‘sexier’ stud. Furthermore, the husband will serve his wife and her lover by making them something to eat or getting some refreshments or sent on errands.

Cuckolding is a from of humiliation, a psychological sadomasochistic form – mental and emotional pain.

Orgies, threesomes, foursomes, whips, chains, and even physical pain turn on some people, but mental and emotional humiliation and pain turns on ‘cucks’.

Cuckolding is quickly becoming very popular among the intellectuals. Cuckolding involves jealousy, misery, humiliation, gratitude, shame, lust, and trust. Intellectuals understand this psychological and emotional pain and get aroused by it. Somehow they convert this pain, that usually will result into anger and possibly violence, into arousal.

Cuckolding is becoming the alt-sex fetish choice of the intellectuals, because it is a humiliating, emotional pain, which is both psychological, instead of the physical and sexual . What gives them pleasure is what goes on in their brain. Why do some men enjoy this psycho sexual stimulus?

For some it’s because they are closeted and want to see naked men, others because they like the idea of their wives attracting other men, and others because of sperm-competition. This competition rivals men’s sperm in war to fertilise a woman’s egg. Men will get a harder erection if they think there was a chance their partner might have been with another man.

This is the reason why intellects understand and enjoy cuckolding. Other guys are crippled by jealousy, as they find themselves both arouse, upset and don’t know why. They don’t understand that this is deep-rooted in the male sexual psychology; that competition turns men on.

Much like any other fetish, or sexual inclination any scenario should be openly discussed in earnest and both must be happy and comfortable with the situation.




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