New Sex Toy That Will Revolutionise Your Sex Life


New Sex Toy That Will  Revolutionise Your Sex Life

Today people can track and monitor almost every aspect of their lives, except our most intimate and  private life in the bedroom. Well that has now all officially changed with a new wearable sex toy that could revolutionise your sex life – Lovely.

Lovely is a stretchy silicone ring, which attaches around the base of the penis. The one-size-fits-all toy also vibrates to help provide stimulation for both partners during sex.This ring can apparently collect all kinds of data about your lovemaking skills. After you’ve finished, the Lovely app, connects to your smartphone and provides you with a report. This report contains information on how many calories you’ve burned, your top and average speed, and even the g-forces you’ve exerted on each other’s respective pelvises

One of the best things about the device? Its tracking software isn’t only for straight couples — it’s meant for relationships of all orientations.

Does this toy sound like something you want to bring into your bedroom? You’ll have to wait a bit, if successful, people who donate to the Indiegogo campaign can expect to get their Lovely device by June 2016.


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