How swinging can affect your relationship


How swinging can affect your relationship

Swinging can potentially be a positive and fantastic addition to an already great relationship/marriage. A great relationship is one that has no trust issues, enjoys an honest and open communication and is very secure.

Swinging is a platform to heighten couples sexual play and not one in which couples find solutions to their relationship problems. An already fragile relationship will be rocked to the depths of its friability and more likely to fail in a swinging atmosphere. Mostly it will not enjoy swinging for what it is meant to be – a platform to enhance couple’s sexual play – to enrich couples lives with fun, adventure and sexual exploration.

What can you expect to experience from swinging if your relationship is on the right track?

The Good

Swinging supercharges your sex life, there will more talk about what you want to do and talk about what you have done and how you’d like to do it differently.

You will be changing a few things in your bedroom, trying new positions, new sex toys, and new sexual acts. Expect then more sex in your lives.

The Not So Good

If there are any small issues in your relationship they will be magnified. Issues of insecurity, jealousy or any other areas of weakness will become a challenge. It’s then important to talk things over. Take a break, go work on your relationship and then come back and enjoy yourselves issues free, it’ll be more fun than your first attempt.

The Awesome

Having new like minded-friends who you can talk to, flirt with free judgement is absolutely awesome. What is remarkable about the journey together in swinging is that while you experience extra sex and desire, you are bought together closer than before and your bond becomes stronger than you possibly it could.



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