Nude travel On The Rise


Nude travel On The Rise

Nude travel is on the rise and we are all for it. Everything fun happens when clothes come off and we’re sure you agree.

Would you consider a nude holiday, whether it’s going to a nudist resort or a cruise?

Whether it’s sunbathing nude at the beach, dinning out or taking a cruise to some exotic island, some folks would rather do it in the nude.

Apparently, more and more of us are letting go of any hang-ups and are feeling comfortable in the skin we’re in.

The love for experiencing all things, almost all things, naked has resulted in a boom in nudist traveling. But it’s not all hedonistic sex parties, well, there’s certainly some of that. Let’s be realistic, a percentage of these lovely nudist holiday folks are swingers warming up for something a bit more….

You can go on a nudist cruise or stay in a nudist hotel with hundreds of other clothes-haters. Some of these destinations may be swingers gatherings, check beforehand so you end up at the right place.

Here are five vacations and activities you can do in the buff.

1. Cruises

Yup, that’s right, you can even take “the lifestyle” into international waters. Bon voyage!

Bliss Cruise makes it easy for adventurous couples to enjoy time at sea by offering adult-only, full-ship charters that tour exotic locations from Florida to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. It attracts many open-minded groups such as lifestyle couples, nudists, voyeurs and exhibitionists as well as curious individuals looking to experience something different from the conventional cruise vacation

A world class cruise isn’t complete without enchanting getaways. Bliss Cruise takes you to unforgettable ports in countries such as Mexico, Jamaica and Haiti, as well as, many other island locations.

Nude trvel on the rise -cruise

2. Swingers Resorts

Nude travel On The Rise -Swingers Resorts

There are many great swinger resorts to choose from and the 4 top are listed below:

Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica – Opened in 1976 as “Negril Beach Village”, Hedonism II (there used to be a I and III) is by far the most famous of the lot.

Desire Resort & Spa — Cancun, Mexico
Desire, which also has a location in Costa Rica, boasts “sensual jacuzzi lounges”, erotic workshops, and “sexy aqua fitness”.

Chan Resort, Pattaya, Thailand

Chan Resort claims to be the first hotel to allow nakedness in Thailand.

On their site they have these words – “We believe in enjoying the sun fully, naked,… and the natural way.”

Near the beach, the resort offers comfortable rooms, a glistening pool, a restaurant serving Thai and Western fare and friendly service.

Temptation Resort – Cacun Mexico

This resort was recently redone and is now a hot destination for the over 21 crowd in Cancun. Weekly events, great nightlife and lot’s of like-minded guests make this resort one of our favorites in Cancun. If you are looking for something new and different give Temptation Cancun a try.

3. Nude dinning

Nude travel On The Rise - Nude dinning

If you’re going to London, why not brave it and try out naked dinning?  Dine in the nude at the clothing-optional Bunyadi restaurant. Patrons are handed robes and slippers before stepping into the dining room. You can choose to disrobe any time you like through your dinner.

Bunyadi” means “fundamental, base, natural” in Hindi.

London is not the only place offering naked dinning experience; there are a few around the world. In Japan, Tokyo –  you have The Amrita, in  Melbourne, Australia – you have The Noble Experiment and so on.

4. Naked Yoga

Nude travel on the rise - Naked Yoga

Naked yoga is a thing and is here to stay. This form of yoga is done without any clothes. There a naked yoga community in New York – The naked motion – where you can exercise in the nude. They encourage body positivity and offer participants a unique experience of freedom.

In Perth, Australia, When Rosie Rees instructs nude yoga at The Twisting Peacock, she wants the class to think positively about the human body.

One thing you find out for sure aside from a liberating feeling, is It’s easier to move without the restriction of clothes. Naked yoga is a great way for both women overcome body image issues, self-doubt, fears and shame.

Why not try it out? Experience the world in the buff…….

GetNakedAustralia, Instagram account is booming and a lot of people are sharing their naked travel pic with the world.

Then you have models like Emily Ratajkowski going on a holiday in Mexico and showing the world she too enjoys soaking up the sun in the buff. If they are al doing it, why not you?

La Sirena

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