10 Lies We Need To Stop Believing About Swingers


10 Lies We Need To Stop Believing About Swingers

Swinging has had many wrong connotations and we need to stop believing them.

Prejudice is abundant in every facet of life and that includes swinging, it usually springs from ignorance.  Let’s demystify the world of swinging or the lifestyle as most prefer to refer to it now. A lot that you’ve heard or thought you knew about swingers is false.

1. Swingers are old

Swingers reflect the demographic of the city they live in. Most swingers are affluent, middle-to-upper-middle class people who have high-earning professions and look like, well, whatever people in your city look like. They are NOT wrinkled old men and women, they are people that you see at restaurants, clubs and bars.

2. Swingers are wife swappers.

Every couple has their boundaries and set of rules they play by. Which means you will meet some couples who will part take in ‘full-swap’ and others who will like ‘same-room’ play or are into ‘soft-swap’. Every couple decides how far they are willing to go before they even meet with another.

3. No single women swing

There are a lot of single women who like to swing and they are usually refereed to ‘unicorns’. They have various reasons to be there. Some want to meet another single woman, some want to have a threesome (FFM) or they just want to have anonymous sex in a safe environment free of judgement.

4.  Swingers are ‘sluts’

Swingers, believe it or not, are far more selective than most. They play safe and ensure that their fun is ongoing rather than filled with regret. Swingers are selective with whom they play, as they need to meet a criteria that fits with both parties and is in line with what they are looking for. Swingers are into the lifestyle so they can explore safely and explore new grounds and experiences together.

5. Swinging leads to breakups

Breakups are not the result of swinging but the result of communication break down between two people. Swinger, successful swingers are great at communicating their desires,fantasies and negotiating boundaries. They have a deep respect for each other and are non-judgemental towards each other but are flexible and capable of drawing the line if one of them is not comfortable with any aspect of swinging.

If a couple is experiencing relationship troubles and thinks that jumping into swinging is a solution to their problems will find that the opposite is the truth. You need to be in a strong and secure relationship to board into swinging.

6. Every swingers party becomes an orgy

Wild minds that work on supposition will fuel interesting and untrue scenarios. When confronted with the unknown your imagination can lead to very ‘awkward’, fear infused and narrow suspicions.No swingers parties do not end in orgies, unless you have chosen to go to an organised orgy.

Swingers parties are whatever you like it to be. First, you need to chat, get to know each other and then you decide together where you’d like it to go. It can be a social night among like-minded people, or a same room experience or a soft swap or a full swap, you have full control of what you like to happen in a swingers party.

7. Women are forced into swinging

At swingers clubs or parties, women lead, they are the ones that start anything. Women, ultimately rule. They are the ones that can get things started and give the green light.

8. Swingers are perverts

Swingers are actually very tamed individuals who dare not grab, catcall or disrespect anyone in the lifestyle. This is not a free for all environment, the swingers world is a very well structured world with many boundaries to navigate and a lot of desires to accommodate with much respect. These are couples who have discussed opening up to others who understand that their premises to exploring is one to enhance their relationship and strengthen their bond by adding a bit of spice to an already happy equation.

9. Bi is inclusive

While bi girls have fueled many wild male and female fantasies and more commonly accepted, it doesn’t mean that bi-men aren’t a thing. Bisexuality is just as much a dimension of the female fantasy as it is of the male and today it’s more accepted than previously. The whole notion of starting swinging is to explore dimension of your sexuality and many men have a curiosity or are bi and want to explore that side of them in a non-judgemental environment. Best as with everything, is to ask and make sure that you and everyone involved in the play are well aware of what you are willing to try and what is off limits.

10. Swinging and open-relationships differ slightly

Swinging is a shared experience where both partners venture in a sexual exploration together, even if it’s not in the same room, they are doing it together. Most swinger couples will not be ok with an open relationship, where you have the freedom to hookup with anyone even when the other is not present or in full prior knowledge of the hookup.

Swinging has no set rules except those rules that are set by a couple. Every couple has their own rules, and many swinger couples keep their relationship monogamous when not swinging. Others who like to indulge in Hotwife, cuckold or other fantasies will discuss rules that suit their individual cases. What to know more about cuckold?

Swingers are couples just like any other couple out there,but are strong in their relationship to open it up to more excitement and share new experiences together that will benefit their relationship physically and emotionally.




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