Outdoor sex & Dogging – Keeping It Interesting


Outdoor sex & Dogging – Keeping It Interesting

How do you keep sex interesting? We all have been there, where sex becomes an obligation, a chore and not fun or spontaneous. Over-used missionary, obligatory birthday blow-jobs, positions that add nothing to your pleasure, delayed orgasms, and the list goes on.

Why should couples endure bad sex. They really don’t have to. A bit of creativity and a sense of adventure will transform your routine, stale sex lives into earthquaking sex.

Be as bold or as cautious on your sexual script as you like, but do not just endure repetitive and stale sex.

Share your fantasies, fetishes and kinks, admit it –  we all have at least one, and what’s more these are what make sex wonderfully varied and diverting.

Don’t be afraid to share your fantasies with your partner, you need to share them in order to explore your sexuality. Do not make the mistake of expecting your partner to read your mind, or be too forward and pull out a drawer full of implements out of nowhere and send them into stupor.

Take your time and slow it down. Start with asking them if they have any fantasies, kinks or fetishes they like to try out. Then share your interests and gauge your partner’s interest. Accordingly, introduce new things slowly and build it up through time.

Sex is like a pizza, the best pizza is the one that has the right toppings for you. Most times, you’ll have the same toppings in your pizza but from time to time you like something different. Sex is pretty much the same. Strike that balance between vanilla and kinky sex and your sex life will never be dull.

Try out outdoor sex, even if it is outside in your backyard, or go dogging by just sitting in the car and watching other couples going for it.

We all have to start somewhere. Make your fantasies, kinks and fetishes part of your sex life as much as you want them to be.

Some of us are fierce and jump right into it and some of us are more cautious and take the baby-step approach. At the end it’s all the same because both have abandoned the stale and cobwebbed sex. Any change to the routine is going to feel like a HUGE thrill and will bring novelty and intense orgasms.

Dogging is a popular sex-act that is incognito and thrilling, combines sex with a stranger with public sex. Although, it sounds like a huge leap in your sexual routine, it’s actually one that is the easiest and hence it’s popularity among many couples. Dogging allows you to experiment with some of your voyeuristic/threesome/public sex and exhibitionism while remaining incognito. Read our post on tips on dogging.

Want to introduce other kinks/fetishes into your sex life like,bondage,pegging, feet, being electrocuted, wearing a rubber horse mask, watersports, orgasm denial or whatever you have been wishing to try out? Do not be afraid to say them out aloud, for all you know your partner has secretly fantasised about them too, and if not you are going to broaden their horizon.

Sharing your ‘secret’ fantasies, fetishes, kinks are going to send your senses on overload. It will magnify and open a new whole world of pleasure and enhance your intimacy.


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