Busting The Blue Balls Myth


Are Blue Balls Real?

Let’s bust the myth and get some facts on the blue balls phenomena.

BuzzFeed and SuperDeluxe uncover the truth about the infamous Blue Balls. The scientific term for what is commonly referred to as “blue balls” is Epididymal Hypertension.

When do blue balls occur? It occurs when blood flow in the genitals remains after a state of arousal.

The pressure can cause the tests to swell  up to 50% of their normal size. Reason why man feel achy and pressure in their swimwear.

The feeling of discomfort remains if no orgasm is achieved.However, don’t guilt your partner into finishing the job for you because you have blue balls. The sensations is actually a more of an annoying bummer than actually pain.

So like SuperDeluxe put it so well, you’re a big boy and you can handle it yourself. ” Blue Ball go away pretty easily, just come and it’s done!Go to the bathroom and jerk off….”


Just wait for arousal to pass. But if you are the kind of girl who likes to help him out then he will really appreciate it.

Did you know that not all men get blue balls? Watch video on ‘ Are Blue Balls Real?



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