Science Asking For Penis Donors


Science Asking For Penis Donors

Science and medicine is growing by leaps and bounds. With so many advances the latest has many men feeling uncomfortable and even a bit creeped out.  Donors now, if male, can also donate their penis for a good cause.

In December of 2015, Johns Hopkins University announced that they had selected a wounded soldier who had lost most of his penis in an explosion for the country’s first, and the world’s third, penis transplant. The surgery has been done twice before; once in China, where the man had a negative reaction to the unfamiliar penis on his body and wanted it removed, and in South Africa, where it was a complete success and the man even fathered a child with his new member.

Penis transplants are meant to restore sexual and bodily function, as well as being “very important in terms of giving back a sense of self,” clinical research manager of the Johns Hopkins Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Carisa Cooney, told The Washington Post.

However, the biggest obstacle for Johns Hopkins is the potential stigma surrounding penis donation. The medical team at John Hopkins have admitted that they fear people might stop donating organs all together. As a result penile donation is strictly opt-in.

If you knew you were going to die, and you had a chance to greatly improve someone’s life by donating your penis, would you do it?


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