Science Says Sex Makes You Better At Your Job


Science Says Sex Makes You Better At Your Job

Great sex is just awesome all round and science seems to agree too. Science has looked at the relation of sex and health, at sex and happiness and now at the relations of sex and work performance. There are so many ways sex makes life better. When you are having sex in a regular basis, it seems life is blessed with all kinds of positives.

Research shows that people who have more sex with their partner or have safe casual sex, are more successful at work and do better in their careers. Sex can help you get promoted and make more money.

These are the four ways that science has found sex helps you succeed.

1. You get more promotions.

Having sex on a regular basis leads to more frequent promotions at work. Workers who have more sex are happier, healthier and climb up the ladder faster, stealing those promotions that everybody dreams of having.

2. You’re more productive.

More sex at home can lead to a three times greater output in productivity at work. Having sex at least once a week means you’re getting more done. More output at work means you get noticed, feel accomplished and your work is more satisfying.

3. You make more money.

Aside from fostering feelings of happiness and confidence, sex also relaxes you. These combined factors allow for better reasoning abilities, which will help you succeed at work and score that promotion you’ve after at work that will lead to higher income.

4. You’re less stressed out.

Sex relieves stress and boosts your immune system, which leads to fewer sick days. Having orgasms has many health benefits.  Orgasms release life-proloning hormones—oxytocin and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)—and brain chemicals. All of which relieve stress, promote happiness and boost your immune system.

These four great motivators are reason enough to have more sex. Sex can make you more successful at work, healthier and happier. These are awesome reasons to increase the passion and intimacy in your relationship.


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