What You Need To Consider Before Starting Swinging


What You Need To Consider Before Starting Swinging

There are so many fantasies that are immediately attainable once you become a swinger. Threesomes, groups sex, gangbangs, cuckolding, hotwifing, bi-encounters, and the list goes on. Before you let your mind race and impetuously decide to just jump in, take a few breathers, slow down and examine what you need to consider before starting swinging. Here are a few tips that might make the whole experience fun.

Do not engage in lifestyle situations unless both parties agree.

Do not start in swinging lifestyle  unless both parties agree and it should be a 100% agreement. Decide on boundaries, what exactly you feel comfortable doing and what is off limits. Discuss what turns you on or off and most important go at the pace you feel comfortable with.

Consider your relationship

Is your relationship secure and well established? If you are nodding yes, it’s a great start. However, even a strong relationship can take a few bumps when first starting swinging but there are a lot of benefits too. There are many reason why couples join the swinger’s lifestyle. Maybe you’re worn out on having the same, predictable sexual coexistence that accompanies a long haul, monogamous relationship. Maybe you have always wanted to try out a few fantasies you have discussed and swinging is the perfect environment for it. When couples experience new adventures together they bond together and add novelty and excitement to their otherwise stale monotonous relationship.

Your first experience

Let everyone know that you are new at swinging, we all remember when we first started. If things were to get a bit overwhelming more experienced swingers will help you so that you can grow and attain the expertise relevant in swinging.

The first experience is always filled with nervous anticipation and it’s easy to turn to alcohol to relax. Don’t lose control and drink too much to the extent of being silly, disruptive and spoil any chances of fun.

Your first time might prove wilder than what you expected or really tame and even overwhelming. Either way you decide together what works for you as a couple. Every couple is different and no experience is the same. However, what is important is to discuss and re-cap on the encounter. With every encounter you might find a challenge you have not foreseen and it might cause friction in your relationship if not addressed therefore, is a good idea to discuss the issue thoroughly.

If you are a couple and both are interested in swinging, swinging might be the way of life you’ve been searching for.


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