Sex Trends Predictions For 2016


 Sex Trends Predictions For 2016

Now that we are way into 2016 ,we’ve asked our sex-clairvoyant to dig out their crystal balls and predict what we’ll be doing in and out of the bedroom this year.

Let’s have a look at some of the top sex trends predictions on the horizon for 2016.

Butt for everyone

Anal sex is hardly new, but how straight men feel about it is definitely changing. Allowing your girlfriend access to your No-Go zone will not have any implications on your sexuality. In fact, you might quite enjoy it. It’s an act that it’s not only about the pleasure but it’s also about power role-play change.

Sex toy manufactures like LELO have seen an increase in the strap-on sales and it’s also interesting to note that two out of three of these anal toys is purchased by women for use with a partner. Pegging is the new found pleasure for the straight guy who knows anal pleasure has nothing to do with his inclination or orientation but all to do with his sexual pleasure.

Intelligent Sex Toys

Sex toys have been so far little more than a motor and an on/off switch. That’s been changing over the past few years, but 2016 may be the first year that we really see a lot smart sex toys on the market. This includes Bluetooth-enabled remote control vibrators, smartphone controlled bionic feedback toys that respond based on how they’re touched and even vibrators you can program yourself. And while virtual sex via virtual reality headset may not quite make it into early 2016, that sort of futuristic stuff  isn’t far off either.

Male Contraception

Apparently, the condom has been the same since the 1920s. Last year, 2015, was a big year for male contraception, but January 2016, kicked off with yet another idea that got major press. A switch that could be used to turn fertility on and off as needed – a scrotal switch which might be a long shot. But at least it shows that there is a resolution in finding a better solution and 2016 might be the year for it.

Vagina power

We are all loving all the new and higher tech innovation in and out of the bedroom. It’s 2016, which means you don’t even have to lift and squeeze on your own. New Elvie is a pebble-shaped trainer for your vagina, which you place in you like a tampon. While you’re squeezing, it will send a message to an Elvie app on your smart phone to let you know how you’re getting on. Nobody wants these muscles to grow weak that can result in back pain, incontinence and perhaps the worst weaker or lack of orgasms. . Ladies you can train your new orgasmic -muscles at your office desk without anyone suspecting it. Keeping hoo-has in tip top shape has become easy and you can avoid all those embarrassing incontinence issues your granny had to deal with.

Slow sex

In this media-drenched, multitasking, always-on age, many of us have forgotten how to unplug and immerse ourselves completely in the moment. We have forgotten how to slow down.

In 2016 will be about conscious sexuality: giving sex a lot more thought, planning it and pulling it off with some finesse. In short, give sex our full attention.

There is still a time and place for a quickie, but not a quickie all the time.

Slowing down between the sheets can deepen the emotional, psychological, even spiritual power of sex. It also gives the body – especially the female body – the time it needs to warm up.

So make the bedroom a no phones, no deadlines zone; just two people in the moment together, going with the flow.

Slow Sex is catching on especially in 2016.

What trends do you think are on the horizon for 2016? Let us know in the comments.


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