Shower Sex – How To Get It Right


Shower Sex – How To Get It Right

Shower sex can lead to a ton of embarrassing injuries. Because showers are small, slippery and water mysteriously causes genital friction.

What kind of injury can shower sex inflict, you ask? Anything from light to serious injury – neck injuries to wrist fractures, ankle sprains and sometimes back injuries.

To ensure your next attempt at shower sex doesn’t end in a hospital visit, we’ve offered some safety tips below.

1. Bath mat

Before anything, invest in a non-slip rubber shower mat, so neither you nor your partner, feel like you’re ice-skating.


Put some thought into what positions will work best in a confined space and what factors to avoid to make shower sex fun. To avoid the usual dangerous pitfalls of shower sex try out these two sex positions.

Standing and lift

If you are fit and you can lift your partner, have her wrap her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist firmly. Hold your partner by the legs or bum and lean her against the wall for extra support and yes, you have to be pretty strong. Also, ensure there’s no soap in the shower because slipping while you’re holding someone can turn your hot session into a hospital trip real quick.

Leaning against the wall

Have her lean against the wall and maybe get her to lift one of her legs up. Here you can take a step into the shower if your shower is in the bath tube then use the edge of the tube. Again ensure that the surface of your shower is not slippery. Wash off all evidence of soap or start your play before you lather up.

3.  Lube
Lube is key to shower sex, best is lube for it is silicone lube, However, steer clear of water-based lubricants. Most common, water-based lubricant will wash away in seconds. Using no lubricant or water-based lubricants will cause severe friction – not good. Do not even think about having sex in the shower without lube because water causes a severe amount of friction.

It might seem convenient, but do not use body washes, shampoos or conditioners as a substitute for lube either, since these items can cause infection. Because condoms and showers don’t play well together (rubbers can degrade during contact or slip off), shower sex should only be practised with a trusted partner.



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