Now, what are Digisexuals?


Now, what are Digisexuals?

Prepare for the rise of digisexuals. Now, what are digisexuals? It’s a new term coined recently by this published paper in Sexual and Relationship Therapy. With technological advancements and new adaptations of these, many people will come to identify as ‘digisexuals’ – people whose primary sexual identity comes through the use of technology.

What this means is that, In the near future, a significant number of people will forgo human sex for robot sex. With technology becoming more immersive, sophisticated and appealing, many people will find their experience with technology integral to their sexual identity. Moreover, some people will come to prefer robot sexual experiences to human sexual interactions. As a result, researchers suggest a new label for people who find these tech-experiences integral to their sexual identity – ‘digisexuals’.

There are two identifiable categories of ‘digisexuals’. The first one is marked by technology that mediates a connection between human partners—think live sex chat sites, sex toys that allow users to “feel” each other virtually, and even Internet dating sites. All of which we are guilty of indulging in at various degrees.

And the second category of digisexualities, which still emerging, is where no human partner is needed in the sexual experience, only the technology itself (robot). There are already numerous cases of early adaptation of robots as a means to fulfil sexual desire. One such example is a married man, who is in a sexual relationship with a robot. We also have the case of Zheng Jiajia, a Chinese artificial intelligence engineer who earlier this year married Yingying, a robot he built.

These robots in the future can be customized to people’s individual sexual needs, which means robots will be able to do and fulfil certain sexual fantasies a human partner might not be able to.

Researchers believe ‘digisexual’ will soon be a common new sexual identity, regardless of how we may feel about it, “Clinicians must be prepared for the challenges and benefits associated with the adoption of such sexual technologies.” Another aspect that will emergy soon is discrimination against ‘digisexuals’ because of their unusual life choice and sexual preference.

The future is gonna be so wild.


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