Swinging Through The Decades


Swinging Through The Decades

Swinging, is something that has been around for hundreds of years, from a secretive existence into what it is today. Swinging, certainly is not a by-product of modern society but it has modern society to thank for the exposure it has had and for bringing it out of it’s secretive existence. Let’s look at swinging through the decades.

Even as far back as the 18th century wives were swapped during festivals in some Jewish sects, however the majority of swinging done back then was kept secret and hidden just between those in the know. It wasn’t until around the 40’s that swinging became more exposed, particularly in the USA.

It’s believed that The Lifestyle began as a direct result of WWII. American soldiers going to war in the 40’s made a promise to each other to take care of wives whose husbands’ perished at war. To step into the diseased husbands’ shoes, taking care of the widower’s emotional and physical needs. Quickly, news travelled outside the military and some more adventurous mainstream couples adopted this lifestyle. Henceforth propelling the Lifestyle into motion.

The 50’s and 60’s

During the 50’s swinging was commonly seen in many military communities and after the war it began to spread to the rest of the community mainly in the USA, but the UK and Australia were slowly becoming part of this community.

The sixties with its ideology of ‘free love’ was the ideal environment for the explosion and spread of swinging. More people were exposed to the lifestyle and young couples willing to explore their sexuality together took it to the next level.

Unlike privileged swingers of today, meeting another swinger in those days was quite different. They relied on newspapers and magazines to place an ad or look at other people’s ad and then initiate contact via a letter. Yes, a lengthy process where not every weekend was party.

The 70’s

The seventies were a huge era for swinging and were dubbed the “swinging seventies”. A time of wild prints, shoes that added 5 inches to your height and when swinger’s parties began namely “key parties”. These parties were quite synonymous with swinging in the 70’s where house or car keys were thrown into a communal bowl or bag and then one half of the partnership picked out the keys to determine whose wife/husband they’d be going to shag. Yeah, today the scene has evolved to be a little more selective…

It would have to be quite a close circle and parties were not made public only word of mouth. New couples trying to enter the lifestyle would have to gather a lot of courage and have great instinct to ask, hopefully, the right candidate if they new where the next party was going to be. Truthfully, it sounds all very clandestine and exciting maybe the elements that made swinging continue to flourish and evolve.

The 80’s

The eighties were a time when contraceptive devices were improved, abortion was legalised, and people felt less sexually repressed and become more open to sex and sexuality.

Even though the eighties being an extraordinary decade for sexual freedom, it was not particularly great for swinging. Swinging still remained secretive and frowned upon by the mainstream culture. Swingers had to continue to rely on newspapers and magazines ads to connect with other like-minded swingers.

The 90’s

The nineties were significantly big for swingers and the lifestyle with a major resurgence in interest and participation thanks to the Internet. Thanks to technology swinging got into ‘full swing’ as never before. The Internet made meeting swingers with the same interest easier and faster. Dating sites such as RedHotPie where there is a huge swingers community provide the ideal platform. For swingers to meet other swingers discreetly and to browse in the comfort and safety of their homes other swingers’ profiles, events and parties locally or around the country.

The 21rst century

Swingers today can, if they wish, enjoy meeting and going to parties every weekend as the pool of playmates has increased ever since the Internet. Internet has made taking those first steps into swinging so much easier. There is so much information out there and forums to take advantage from. However during the 90’s it was still considered an alternative sexual lifestyle that was practiced by a minority.

In recent years, with the change in attitude toward sex and sexuality, swinging became more publically accepted. Alternative lifestyles today are more accepted by mainstream culture. The constant exposure to documentaries, films, TV shows, scientific studies and blogs on the subject of all sexual aspects, are being explored on the daily basis. Generally, people have come to understand that sexuality, orientation, and even relationships come in different forms. Couples and individuals have the right to choose what is right for them. Therefore, swinging is going to grow in the future now that people have a better acceptance and understanding of it, but it’s not going to be for everyone.

We have apps, websites, clubs and regular events in most major cities around the world, conventions and holidays for lifestyle people to make it really easy to connect, meet and play together.

Will the lifestyle become the norm in the future?

It certainly paints a pretty fun, relaxed and accepting of all picture. In a sense people would be more tolerant of differences which would in turn evolve into a more peaceful and tolerant society where there won’t be cheating, intolerance, judgement and an attitude of ‘laissez-faire’ or live and let live in a very harmonious manner. There’s no way of telling what the future holds, optimistically, swinging will be a choice for couples who desire to explore their sexuality free of judgement.


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