The Playground is a free-standing private house located in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, 15-20mins from the Westgate bridge, 20-25mins from the city. Nearest station: St Albans (5-10mins) Every MAN and WOMAN has a FANTASY. Make it REAL every FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights! The Playground is the FANTASY SPECIALIST! We can help make your fantasy a reality! NOT EVERYONE IS INVITED, ONLY the YOUNG or ATTRACTIVE people will be invited… We are HIGHLY SELECTIVE with the people we invite to our parties. All ladies must be size 12 or UNDER and very sexy if over 40s. All single men are athletic/muscular/young. No scary looking grans are invited lol The Playground Play Rooms: (1) Sex Cinema Lounge/Boogie room (2) Massage area (3) Social/Bar room (4) Eat All You Can room (5) Private room (6) Grope room (7) Outdoor play area (8) Voyeur’s Delight windows (9) Car Sex (10) Love Swing Watch porn in 2 huge/big screen tv! The Playground parties offer: -Special deals for STUDENTS -YOUNG or HOT couples only -Single FEMALES welcome -Party ALL night from 9pm-sunrise -Complimentary drinks, Munchies, softdrinks, tea and coffee provided. -BYO alcohol DRESS CODE: Sexy, erotic or fetish (This IS a sex party, guests must dress accordingly…”It is not appropriate to be overdressed at a sex party, just like how it is inappropriate to wear only a pair of g-strings in a church!…Jean”)


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Sexuality is one of our most basic drives, but it's also fundamental to our identities as people. Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that we will endeavor to take .

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