The Science Of Dirty Talk


The Science Of Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk, it’s a hate or love affair. Some love it from the first, some need time to think about whether they liked it and then there’s those who just are a bit confused and take it literally to be a personal attack – shame!!

So many of us crave dirty talk during our romps sessions, yet we often feel awkward when using it or asking for it. Why would you want to talk dirty to your partner? Resorting to phrases such as “you dirty little slut!!”, “I love sucking your dick”, “Give it to me up my ass!”

It’s degrading some would argue. Nonsense!!

What it is; is HOT. That’s why we like doing it. It turns you and your partner on.

Try it next time and bet you will agree.

With our rapidly changing world the topic of sex slowly becomes less of a taboo subject and more of a public discourse. Sex is still one of the most hushed topics, yet it is also one that is most discussed. We all have a natural curiosity about sex.

We all have a little kink riding somewhere under the surface and most time suppress it out of fear of judgement. Leave societal norms out of the bedroom and start exploring. There is nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation and exploring your inner, deepest, dirty fantasies, all of course in a censual agreement.

Nobody should feel like a pervert just because they like to vocalise their ‘dirty acts’ and desires. Talking dirty adds fun and colour into your otherwise quiet romps. After a while these quiet romps become well, boring!!

Dirty Talk is nothing to feel ashamed of, it’s a form of communicating your desire and wants to your partner, it is your ‘sex voice’ – it’s sex.

Sex is suppose to be erotic, slippery, sweaty, dirty and spontaneous all the elements needed for a amazing good time.

If you are in a library or a church then quiet is the stipulated conduct, but in your own bedroom find your voice and watch your naughty-self set up your bedroom antics.

Need more reasons why DIRTY TALK should be part of your bedroom? Here is a scientific explanation as to why.

  • Forget your flaws

While voicing out your desires flaws, body insecurities and personal anxieties are momentarily forgotten. You relax and focus in the sex and your orgasm.

  • Control

Dirty talk allows you to ask what you want in bed without it feeling like an awkward pause. Hearing what your partner wants right then and there is the ultimate turn on. You can be spontaneous and raw at the right moment making sex for both involved mind blowing.

  • Increases Arousal

Sexual desire and arousal are not only triggered by touch. It’s not just what you do but what you say that will bring you to have a greater orgasm.

  • Explore your fantasies

Dirty talk is not degrading, it gives you scope to draw on scenarios that in your normal life are out of bound and role play your sex fantasies safely.

If anything to be able to say those dirty, explicit things only emphasises the trust and intimacy you have.


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