Why young women should talk about masturbation.


Why young women should talk about masturbation.

Female masturbation is taboo but male masturbation is a subject of conversation in the sports’ locker rooms, at parties and even dinner talks.

Indeed, women’s self-pleasuring of late has given rise to a string of articles that question why society has a problem discussing female masturbation. Yes, like it or not women masturbate too.

Historically and culturally masturbation has been considered sinful and even a pathological condition. Sadly, many women grew up with negative feelings and feelings of shame about masturbation. For men this is a normal topic to talk about but it still remains an awkward subject among women.

Did you know that up till the fifties, the clitoris wasn’t even mentioned in medical textbooks?

Ironically, how did people expect relationships to work, when there was already disequilibrium between the sexes? Men being far more comfortable with their sexuality and women feeling shame and awkwardness with theirs. As women worldwide become more empowered hopefully this in return will foster better and stronger relationships.

In order to open up channels of positive talk and break through social barrier that female masturbation has succumb to, YouTube channel Nisheenth TV recently took to the streets of New Delhi to interview young random women about their attitudes toward masturbation, and the outcome were positive and encouraging, maybe we are in the wave of a breakthrough of social attitudes.


The reason Nisheenth TV  made this video was in the hope ‘to change the mentality of people that talking about self-pleasuring is not a taboo’

Women like men should feel comfortable speaking about masturbation. It is after all a basic human necessity and has many health benefits too.

Nisheenth TV YouTube description reads as follows:

“Such things are not against our culture. Also, India is the place from the KamaSutra originated. Let them open up, be it girl or a boy.”

Whether it be women in India or around the globe, the topic of masturbation should open and free for discussion.


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