What makes for a good-looking penis?


What makes for a good-looking penis?

Most men would answer: A Big Penis!

Researchers from University of Zurich have found the ultimate formula for the perfect penis, and it’s not based on length. So gentlemen size doesn’t matter, as long as it’s beautiful and well groomed.

A group of Swiss researchers published a paper in The Journal of Sexual Medicine that addresses the question “What is a good-looking penis?” A group of 105 women, ages 16 to 45, rated the importance of specific penis characteristics (girth, length, pubic hair, et cetera).

Based on that research the most important factors in what makes a good looking penis are. There are eight important aspects that make for a good looking penis. The list below is from the least to the most important aspects that rank a penis beautiful:

  1. General cosmetic appearance
  2. Appearance of pubic hair
  3. Appearance of penile skin
  4. Girth
  5. Shape of glans
  6. Length
  7. Appearance of scrotum
  8. Importance of position and shape of meatus (urethra)

While the research was originally conducted as a medical study for men who underwent surgery to correct hypospadias (a disorder of the urethra), it unintentionally defined a new set of penis beauty, yikes!

Men don’t stress too much, it’s not as though you need added attention on a delicate matter, but remember as the saying goes ‘(penis)beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’

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