Food Fetish – tastiest fetish.


Food Fetish – tastiest fetish

There are more people like you with food fetishes than you know. Most people think food fights are just a waste of food, but sploshers and sitophiles find them simply titillating and sexually arousing.

While the two fetishes have a lot of crossover with one another, they are not completely the same.

Sitophiles are turned on by food, but this can be through consumption, direct sexual contact with the food or simply by rolling around in it.

Sploshers love being wet and messy and while the most common substances involved in the fetish tend to be edible, some sploshers like mud, oil and paint in place of cream, honey or syrup.

While these fetishes might be messy, they’re otherwise fairly harmless and a lot more innocent than many other sexual obsessions or fetishes.

There are sploshing parties, WAM (wet and messy) gatherings and foodslops where people BYOF (bring your own food). There are websites, chat rooms and online communities. There’s no reason to not venture outside of your comfort zone and see what’s beyond.

Watch for example,  Mistress Shae in the video below, she is a professional dominatrix who is known for her flair for food.  She helps out others explore the erotic world of sploshing. Sploshing surprisingly has a lot to do with the sensation and the textures of the food in use.

Watch and learn with Mistress Shae what sploshing involves; the smearing, wiping, slapping, throwing, and drizzling of food products on the body. Kimberly Kane of Vice gives this fetish a go too.

What do you think of this kinky act?


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